Can we please get an official update on the FPS / stuttering bug

Did you see the thread they have going now about reporting issues? I had a lot of confidence that they had a handle on this by now. Now, I’m not so sure…

That’s not the point. There’s something buggy associated with these areas. I wonder if it’s a pattern. It’s not just the airport, it’s the entire area. Maybe it’s an object, maybe it’s something with the new and improved PG. Who knows.

Not sure what you were reading, but that IS the point. Look what happened when the bug list was crushed under the weight of “Remove the Hit Any Key To Continue” votes. We will never get the attention that the casual gamers will get because they out number us 100 to 1.

Specific bugs like this NEED to be discussed in the bug reports so they stay at the top of the list. Without activity in a thread it drops fast and gets 0 votes. Worse yet, someone else starts a new thread about the same thing and the votes get split. It never gets on the bug list and but soon you will have smoke in the chimneys in Holland because that’s what the masses want to see.

Did you watch the last developer Q&A? Nothing got squashed regarding the latest mess. Geesh.

Hello guys.
Simple question:
How and where can we vote this issue???

You can start here…

But then I would suggest clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right of your screen. Click on the options. Under category, select Bugs and Issues. Then search in that section for anything that relates to your issues. Vote.

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Because you are not flying in the areas where the problems are located. This is a world map problem, it does not reside in our computers. Did you read the Asobo release whjen the last two so called “Patches” were released? They did a world map “upgrade”, noyt just adding England, but they did things like corrections on the map itself, and when you fly over the areas that were “corrected” your frames drop all the way to hell.


My feeling is that they hoped for a quick fix and it hasn’t happened.

Also, they know the patient simmers will be patient, and they know the cranky ones that continually complain on the message boards will complain no matter what they publicly state.


Well, in that case i consider myself a lucky person…

I’m one of those who don’t experience any problems, and I’m well aware that this could be because of what I fly, where I go, and what kind of other traffic I have active. Plus an almost endless list of other possible reasons.

But I do think it’s fair to mention this when other people go ballistic in frustration and describe the sim with words like “unflyable” or “useless”. Because it’s not. Not for everybody, that is. And this also worth keeping in mind. Not least if you’re willing to find out what, if anything, you can do to improve the situation yourself.

Those terms are thrown around a little too much. However, when previously you were running 40 fps on ultra and after the update you’re barely breaking out of single digit frame rates with low settings, I would consider that genuinely “useless” and “unflyable”. And there are a lot of people in that boat atm.


It’s a good thing, then, that this is not the case.

What are you waffling on about? Look at the latest posts and tell me there’s no FPS issue.

I downloaded the new Nvidia dryver released yesterday (461.92) and increased my FR by 5-7

Not to mention I’ve seen way too many instances here where someone having problems is told it’s their computer. There are certainly circumstances where someone’s PC is the culprit, but when you have a multitude of people using MSFS who experience the same exact problem, that originated right after the latest two patches, it becomes a little more apparent there is more going on than just someone not maintaining their PC, etc.

I was one of those who ran maximized on ultra and never had a problem, until the latest update. There is nothing wrong with my computer. Hardware is fine, drivers are fine. If someone is experiencing a hardware or driver issue, it wouldn’t just manifest itself on MSFS and not on any other graphic intensive program used.


Where have you heard me say that there’s no FPS issue?
You said that “no one can run them at more than 20fps”, which just isn’t the case.

Someone said earlier in this thread that (paraphrased) “just because you don’t have an issue doesn’t mean there is no issue”. Which, of course is very true. But don’t forget that the same reasoning applies when you do have an issue.

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Need a date! the game doesn’t work! It was perfect for me before the update! There are thousands of users all with the same problem in the same geographical areas!

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The whole “flyable or unflyable” thing needs to stop ffs. It doesn’t matter if it’s flyable or not. The thing is, msfs runs like total cr*p to begin with, but because it’s a flight simulator it doesn’t need high fps (according to some).so they get away with it. So when the game runs like ■■■■, but you ignore that and find a setting wich gives reasonable performance, and then after an update you lose that performance it’s just a big pain in the bu tt. It can still be flyable though, but fs9 is also flyable.

Imagine buying a rtx3090 wich runs at 2000mhz the first week. Then suddently it will only run at 1000mhz… It’s still usable right? So why bother.

Everyone who comes up in such discussion telling people they shouldn’t be complaining because it’s still flyable need to go peep themselves. Ms/asobo made a mess out of this whole product and need to get their act straight. You can’t defend this with making statements like “it’s still flyable”

Good for the people that only played flight sims in their lives but everyone with some sort of proper gaming system playing other games aswell would not consider this whole experience as ‘good’.

It’s a sh*tshow still


You can gaslight all day long but acting the contrarian when there’s clearly an issue is a waste of energy.

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In some cases, that’s definitely the case. Sometimes, it’s genuine hardware or software config issues. In other cases, it’s self-inflicted issues with settings (like running 4K + 200% scaling).

But it’s not always the case. And in this instance, severe performance issues have been starting since the UK update. And SU3 broke it for a LOT of people. Why for some and not others, I don’t know. But the years have taught me that just because I don’t understand something doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense.

People tend to have a very egocentric view of things. If they’re not seeing issues, they seem to take that as being due to something they’re doing right, and others who have issues are doing something wrong. That’s pretty much like taking credit for winning the lottery and then talking down to poor people telling them they’re “doing it wrong” and using themselves as an example of doing it right. Because in reality, that’s what it is. People who aren’t hit with the issue basically won the digital lottery, while others didn’t.

I regularly run benchmarks and stress tests on my system to gauge its health over time. Other than adding new storage and extra RAM since my purchase 2 years ago, it’s remained relatively static. And my performance numbers are exactly the same as they were (within margin of error) when I first bought it. There’s been no sign of deterioration or any kind of issue. It’s still rock solid and stable.

I play a few other games, and they all run at well over 60 fps (closer to 100 in most cases) on highest settings. That’s never changed. I run some pretty demanding astrophotography processing tools which will sometimes tie up my computer for several hours of processing hammering all my 16 cores and threads at 100%. Again, no issues or performance issues there.

MSFS used to run well for me at 50+ fps. The first performance hit I saw with an update was with the VR update in December which cut me down by about 10 fps. Then the UK update robbed me of another 15 fps. And then another 15 fps with SU3, bringing me into the “not enjoyable to play any more” territory I’m in now.

The only software on this computer that’s ever given me any issue is MSFS. It’s the source of 100% of my CTDs in 2 years of owning this PC. Luckily, I rarely get those any more. I had my first one last night since before the UK update.