Can you create a custom external camera view?

I am able to create a custom cockpit view but not an external custom view. Ideally I would also like to give it a keyboard shortcut. Many thanks in advance.

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Set position, hit Ctrl + Alt + 0-9 that saves the position, Alt + 0-9 loads.

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Tks, but didn’t work for me. Works in VC but not in external view.

ok one more try.

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Hello RexShockVIPER
I was able to use your suggestions to make external views. But I’d like to get FSX views back. I’ve seen that in the path C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache there’s a file named cameras.cfg that contains exactly the definitions of the fsx cameras: Cockpit, Virtual Cockpit, Spot, Locked Spot, FlyBy. Do you think it is possible to copy them into the file cameras.cfg of one of the planes to make them work? I hope you can do it, I just can’t get used to the new cameras.

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I’ve tried, it doesn’t work.

Thanks. I have tried too, nothing works.
For now I have created 7 custom views from behind at 30, 20, 10, 0, -10, -20, -30 degrees. I have set the joistick’s POV to move from one view to the next. It’s not much, but it’s more realistic than the current external view. Thanks anyway, it will get better sooner or later.

Just so you know : the author of Chaseplane cannot have anything to work from his devkit… //42 asked more than once to get some feedback from Asobo and they are still waiting.
Kevin is angry, cause he need to eat… And me, I need my Chaseplane :stuck_out_tongue:
So it’s unlikely that a simple mod could have new cameras in the game yet, sorry. Only preset points on the actual cameras are a thing.

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s amazing how a great project like this is based on work created so long ago by people who are not given credit.
By the way, the Cessna C208B, in cockpit view from the outside, appears with a big black solid on the fuselage. Whoever did it probably wanted to mask the reflection of some light. The Grand Caravan was my favourite aircraft… :cry:
Luckily so far all the other planes seem to be okay. :sweat_smile:

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  1. I’m having a problem getting the software to read a custom cameras.cfg file anywhere besides the orginal plane directory. I do not want to have to change those files.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s a bug?

  1. @RexShockVIPER, isn’t the Drone camera and quick views what you are looking for?

I see the camera.cfg files in green color in explorer. That means that the owner has encripted them. And sorry, you are not the owner, even if you paid the product. I don’t know if this is legally correct, but it is ridicolus for a product which requires customization by the user and also interventions to fix bugs. You are not allowed to copy a folder, but you can copy a single file in a different backup folder and then replace the original file.

It may be encrypted on your installation, but it is not on mine. The Savage Cub is not one of the Deluxe or Premium content vehicles.

But that doesn’t matter anyway. Every line in the cameras.cfg file will eventually be documented if it is not already (I’m pretty sure it already is), so whether I write the file or I copy the one from Savage Cub directory and use that as a template for the changes I made to the file is moot. Given that they gave us the SDK, there is no “art” associated with this file, and everything in the file is base functionality related, if there was a problem with my using the file from that point of view, there would be no development allowed in the program. Obviously, Asobo is supporting that.

If it were one of their airplane models, then, yes, whether they care or not, I would respect that the model is their artwork.

My problem is, either there is a bug, or there is some sort of set up I am missing that is forcing MSFS to ignore the cameras.cfg file in Community directory livery I am developing.

I haven’t seen anyone confirm that they’ve gotten a cameras.cfg file to work from the Community directory.

I think my files are encrypted because I bought FS from Microsoft store.
I am almost sure that FS reads cameras.cfg files only from the folder: …Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SimObjects\Airplanes
The reason is that when you use the CTRL+ALT+# command to save a custom view, FS overwrites that file. So that’s also the only file from which it reads views when you give the ALT+# command.

I did, too. But, I installed it to D:\MSFS_2020. So it’s not in WinApps, which has everything inside it encrypted. I believe mostly for security reasons to do their best too foil hackers trying to mod the files for nefarious purposes.

Yeah, I’m not using Ctrl+Alt commands or anything like that. I’m working with someone in another thread who has the process working, hopefully I’ll have an answer in a few minutes that is working.

Ok thanks. But I installed in E:. There should be another reason then. Maybe because I did not create a folder for FS, so for example I have E:\Appdata\Community.

Exactly, you still installed it to the “Apps” directory, just on E:

I installled it to its own directory.

Release Notes ( say:
Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: Fixed - invisible spoiler removed
What did they removed, I see it is still there :thinking:

Any new on this ?? Still waiting for a custom external view

Any word/update on ability to create external custom views?