Canadian Flight Sim Group

or group is “Flight Simulator 2020 - Canada” on facebook.


All levels of players welcome. flying the best canada has to offer. come join us.


Going to check it out.
Anyone from Ontario out there?

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I am :slight_smile: Toronto!

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Just outside of Burlington


Hi Canucks! Flying out of YUL YQB …please feel free to say hi: Pappy

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Do you guys have a discord server? That’s a much better way to organize/chat/talk during flights than FB

I am in Ottawa

go to survivalgamer(dot)ca to get our discord info. Im in Oakville Onatrio, but lived all over this great country and want to see more. hope I get to meet you all in game. I’m filmgrip in game be sure to add me to your friends list.

that’s it? No one else? :smiley:

Count me in from Brantford, Ontario (just west of Hamilton) with a beautiful uncontrolled little air field (home of the annual August air show - the biggest in eastern Canada except this year). Have been a “simmer” since the early 80’s, but never did any multiplayer in the past, so I am interested in trying this “new” phenomenon for the first time.

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I reside in the states but love Canada is the group open to US simmers?
All the best,

for sure. we love our neighbors.

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Hamilton ON here, I’d love to join up with you guys.


Would love to join up when I have time! Would love to try multi-player sometime but later in the autumn should have more time.
Hometown is CYGK Kingston Ontario, living in CYRO/CYOW Ottawa, and back in MSFS after a long period. Amazing scenery and adding airports/strips to the north that are missing. Hope to post them soon for anyone to use. They are crude but then they are that way in real life! Some I am making are abandoned, but they are still usable in reality.
I have made the following so far:
CYDN - Nain, Labrador
CYSV - Saglek, Labrador (abandoned but used for access to Torngat Mountains National Park preserve (and is paved)!
CYUW - Dewar Lakes, Nunavut (abandoned)
CYUZ - Cape Hooper, Nunavur (abandoned)
CYVM - Qikiqtarjuak, Nunavut
CYVN - Cape Dyer, Nunavut (abandoned)
CYXP - Pangnirtung, Nunavut
I plan on adding more in Ontario, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon.

Look what I found today! Wow!

Yeah people have been saying it hasnt been good on FPS so I havent downloaded yet. And for some reason when I try to download from the site it immediately says failed to download.

South East Saskatchewan here. Will check out your FB. Not into Discord yet.

In Toronto.
Walking distance from Downsview Airport.
Glad to meet all of you!

The Pas Manitoba, Northern.

Nice two meet you all hope to fly with you all sometime :slight_smile:

aren’t you POed that CYQD is missing? :smiley: