Cannot hear ATC in the A310

I can’t hear the atc operator in the a310 but I hear them in all other aircraft is this a big or do I just need to find the volume button in the airplane❓


Hi there,
I have the same issue. I can’t hear the ATC controller. I can just hear my ATC request.


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There is a volume dial for VHF1 in the centre panel just to the right of the pilot seat. It isn’t labelled, but it is defaulted to off/minimum, just turn it up and ATC will be heard.


Don’t forget this A310 is intended to be study level, which as BragRaindrop933 pointed out means you will find simple thing like there being volume controls on radio equipment. This comes under the category of feature, not bug. :+1:


They are reportedly chewing over whether to set it to some non zero value in a future update. Had me going for ages though initially.

You must turn the volume knob under the thrust lever vhf 1 higher.


Yes sir that’s exactly what’s going on here…I’ve got a lot of studying to do

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Thanks for this info.It got me as well.Cheers


Seems my issue was loss of internet connection (Azure) - upon restart - all working again.

I’m having the opposite issue where I can hear them but not me. My text shows up in the atc window but I can’t hear my voice. Any advice?


I’m also having the same issue as Cowboy8038.

@Cowboy8038 @RicHornet I had the same problem today but I just found out what causes it. To hear ATC you only need to turn the (round) knob under the (square) VHF1 button.

DO NOT press the VHF1 button because that causes the issue that you won’t hear your pilot’s voice anymore. If you have that issue you must restart MSFS because pressing the button again, restarting the flight or going back to the menu and create a new flight all doesn’t work.



Thanks Mrlten! That was it, thanks for the help!
I was indeed pressing the VHF1 and VHF2 buttons to change between each comm radio and not only I stopped hearing my pilot speaking to also stopped hearing ATIS (again, after using the VHF buttons). There’s indeed a bug with these buttons and these are unusable for the time being.

Well there’s the “COM1” and “COM2” tabs in the ATC menu which do the same (as pressing the VHF1 and VHF2 buttons) which apparently works without any problems, so I’ll use these tabs just like in most other aircraft.

Interesting, I’ll have to try that next time. On that note, another question. With other planes like the 737 and A320 you can only change the standby frequency and then transfer it. On the A310 you can change both the standby and active. When it first came out I kept trigging the hitbox for the parking brake while trying to change the standby so I’ve gotten in the habit of only changing the active.

I’m assuming this is not how its really done. Is there a reason to not just keep changing the active/

If I manged to change the standby without hitting the parking brake and then hit the transfer button, would I then transfer to comm2 in the atc window?

I would say that the select com/radio frequency button blocked by the parking brake handle is a bug.
Most of the times you can only switch the select com/radio frequency button if the parking brake is released because the later gets into the way of the former.
This is not a bad/severe bug to me since 99% of the times when you’ll need to use the select com/radio frequency button you’ll already have the parking brake released anyway. And for that 1% of the time where you’ll need to select com/radio frequency button with the parking brake set then you can use the wheel brakes.

I don’t know what’s happening but now I can’t hear my pilot and I have set (all) the radio volume knobs to max!
This is happening after the latest updates dedicated to the A310.

Jezz, sometimes I would really prefer that the devs didn’t update nothing at all! The aircraft (A310) was actually working quite ok.

It’s not just on XBox this is on PC too. Pilots voice goes quiet and ATC into bugged state. Talking about this on the A310 thread. On the initial released version this bug was there but could be avoided by running (even automatically) through the checklists, Not on the latest version.where every scenario leads to pilot audio loss ATC can be heard just not pilot voice.

Well, that’s even worse!
These guys don’t test their updates and products??

As such, I stand for what I previously said: I really wish that the devs didn’t update things that work.

They acknowledged our findings after initial release but either seems to suggest they didn’t see it or it was intermittent / hard to replicate. I didn’t see it being fixed in the beta, but I wasn’t using the beta. Just the version that got released this last week. It’s all gone quiet from the dev now though over on the main A310 thread.
Just finished a 2hr ATC voice only flight tonight. It is very annoying and also quite specific to the A310, although there is a long term (1.5 year old) silent ATC bug that has never been fixed by Asobo despite a big long thread about it too. Is just that the A310 seems to get ATC into the bugged state faster than all other aircraft I’ve used in the sim.
Not everyone uses in game ATC so there lies one problem.

For me the problem was an update that came somewhere during this week which broke the pilot’s speech and by the way, it also broke ATIS.
During last week, I played with the A310 and didn’t have any of these problems.