Cannot hear ATC instructions and other aircraft suddenly while AI copilot still responds

There is a bug with windows where it loses your Dolby Atmos settings and so you need to set it up again. I’ve posted a guide on how to set up Dolby Atmos here: Dolby Access app - Dolby Atmos for (Headphones | home theater) - Active Spatial Sound = On

Please install the Feedback Hub and do a search for Dolby Atmos and please Upvote the following reports:

  • system doesn’t keep my sound setting (dolby atmos for home theater ) I need to set it again nearly every booting
  • Sound output format is reset on each boot and I have to manually change it back to output in Dolby Atmos which is annoying.
  • Dolby Atmos for Headphones (Dolby Access) keeps getting removed from Spatial Sound