Cannot install USA update after latest update

When I try to download the USA update features from the marketplace, I get an error saying it requires at least the 1.11.6 version of the game, but already have the 1.12.13 version installed.

Nothing happens when I press Confirm in the attached image.

You should file a ticket with Zendesk concerning this issue. Hopefully they are able to get it resolved quickly for you.

I have the same issue.

Tracking this!

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Same issue here

New Downloader Required- like Steam or EPIC Games store - frustrated while updating to 1.11.70 - Archives / Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Can you please help. Is the only thing wrong here my internet?

I think it works, i went to the content manager and saw a whopping 33GB not downloaded yet. It is now downloading and it says that the USA update is owned.

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Can you check to see if there are other updates in your Content Manager that may need to update first?

I have the same issue. Installed the game today

I did the same, but still the USA update shows an option to buy when I restart the game

The very ‘helpful’ MS Zendesk support told me to restart the game and try again and then put the status on resolved…

I’ve obviously already tried that a couple of times and nothing happens. It says I need a minimum version of 11.6, where you can see in the bar i’m already at version 12.

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Hi, everything installed by now. In the content manager:
Not installed (0)
Update available (0)
Downloading (0)

Restarted the game but unfortunately the USA update is not installed because of the version message. The same as before…
It will say Owned btw under the full catalog. But after a restart it is gone again.


Same in my case!!

Same here I’m on 1.12.13 and have no updates, not downloaded, or pending downloads in the content manager.

Ill be away till the new year so if its not resolved by then ill open a Zendesk ticket.

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I am having the same issue. I could kind of soft force it to install. Went to the market place and “bought” it, then went to the content manager, clicked on the “Not installed” filter on the left, checked all the rows and hit download. It would then go ahead and install them. It does seem to work since I saw the Alaska bush trip and all the new POIs on the world map, although the market place tells me that I do not own the world update.

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Same issue here.

Same issue so I downloaded the packs in content manager. Only options are “USA POINTS OF INTEREST” and “USA - PROCEDURAL BUILDINGS”.

Think that includes new topography and airports?

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Thanks for those who have expressed this indeed a bug. I’ll check with the testing team on this. Appreciate it!

No, these are separate packs. There were 6 in total for me.

Our team confirmed that the following packages need to be present in the Content Manager:

  • USA - Points of Interest
  • USA - Procedural Buildings

Can you double-check to see if these packages are present?