Cannot See Text Descriptions of Airport, etc. locations on World

I am wondering if I am missing a setting that needs enabling in order to see text on the world when hovering over airports, etc. Hopefully this makes sense and someone else has encountered this.

Yes, in your options, you can set up the navigation icons to either show or not.

In which area of options would I find that?

Under the Assistance tab.

When you select options, three thumbnails come up, Assistance is the middle thumbnail… then the tag toggle is in the Assistance menu.

I am AFK, so that’s the best I can do without eyes on my screen.

I may not have been clear to start with. My dilemma is with the World Map when I want to select a departure airport and arrival airport. When I hover over with my mouse the text does not pop up. I do know that if you left click on a location a window will pop up to the right of the world.

Ahhhhhh. Sorry, that is something Asobo needs to address. Their map could use some serious work IMO.

You are are probably correct. That feature used to always work for me early on but not currently. Thank you for trying though.

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Have you tried zooming in on the map? The more you zoom in the more airports you see. Also look toward the bottom of the map, and check the filters setting, maybe something has become amiss there as well.

I have been experimenting with the filter settings and no luck so far. I don’t discount that I probably screwed something up possibly.

You should be able to click on the airport and then click “zoom to details “. Hope that’s what you’re looking for.

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Try moving your cursor over where the airport is and scroll up, mouse wheel for me. Smaller airports dont display names / or even show up unless their zoomed in. ???