Can't Adjust to Changes

I have been creating airport scenery instead of flying in the sim for a while. Now that I’ve gotten back into flying, I find many things changed by recent updates. There are at least a couple of things that I have been unable to acclimate to in trying to fly the C208:

  1. The condition lever can no longer be controlled by my Flight Yoke System mixture lever and I can not find an assignment option in the sim. The lever works fine for piston engine aircraft mixture control. Can anyone explain to me how to make this assignment?

  2. I can establish a flight plan in the world map, although adding waypoints is not working as it was, but the course does not show up on the navigation map display in the aircraft and the autopilot NAV function does not work. I can use the autopilot to control HDG, ALT and VS, but it will not follow a course (which is not displayed). The course is displayed in the VFR map however. What has happened?

Both of the above are issues with things that worked fine prior to sim updates.

Can’t. They changed the condition lever, so now it can only be in 3 positions (think 3 way toggle) instead of an axis. They need to change it in game: Reverse is Cut Off, Neutral detent is Low Idle, and anything over 0% on the conditioner axis, activates High Idle. (Or modify your throttle quadrant so the lever activates a push button at 100%, but I digress…)

As far as Issue#2, someone else may have to help you with that problem…

You might want to investigate this link. Many have the same problem. It is on the reported bug list.

I would also implore everyone and their dog to vote in the bug thread! That’s the most effective way to get things fixed.

Complaining is useless without VOTING!
(that is a life principle too)

Thanks, glad I have company.

Item 2: The in-aircraft GPS was changed by a free G1000 mod that I downloaded from the marketplace rather than by a sim update. The default G1000 works as it did before. Trying to add waypoints to a flight plan in the world map is still problematic.

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