Cant change weather

Doesn’t work. I have no friends on my Xbox, so no way I can be in any party. I disabled online, disabled real life traffic, disabled live weather, changed the time of day (what also doesn’t work anymore). I think it’s just a bug.

I’ve been trying to get the weather presets to work, but whatever preset I pick, I get something else. Several cloud and rain presets result in nothing but snow on the ground. I’m still waiting to get some of those beautiful sun filtered clouds that people have posted in various forums.

I have the same problem with the time and date. I’m stuck on August 4th at 9:32 utc. It is very unpleasant since I have half the planet always at night. I play on xbox series x.

I have tried everything, even reinstalling the game and nothing works

I have the same issues regarding not being able to get “Live Weather”. It was working fine pre last update.
On the front set-up page under :MULTIPLAYER / AIR TRAFFIC / WEATHER and TIME
Only four of these large buttons ( AI / OFF / PRESET / CUSTOM ) are working. Under the pre set WEATHER menu on the same page, live weather will not stay locked in. I have tried adjusting UTC time and all the suggestions above.

Had the same problem, but solved by connecting to another online friend and disconnected propperly then everything was working again
as described above

I also had the same problem as I told above. In the end I have solved it as you said, connecting with a friend and leaving the session correctly. Thanks!!

My date stuck on 26 August. Can’t change date, can’t get rid of live weather. No matter what I do the weather is a mess. I tried it in all modes

Please read the older posts in this thread. The solution is here: Cant change weather - #22 by MonkeyCH

And also this as a follow post: [BUG LOGGED] Unable to leave group, flight options greyed out - Xbox - #19 by MonkeyCH

I have same problem with you have! I can not change weather/time or even server! Whenever I change them, they go back to live mode in seconds!

The solution is in this thread!!!

Just found this trick.
Invite yourself into a group.
When you see yourself just remove yourself from the group…
Let me know

how do you invite yourself to a group?

Not so easy. Ask someone here or on FB to invite you. You can’t invite yourself.

When I joined my friend, which I had never join a group before, It does not allow me access the weather to tweak it and now it’s stuck in a presets weather and it’s not logging my flight hours now?!

That sounds like the typical Multiplayer issue.
Join your friend again and leave the group before him. That should solve the problem.

when click on group nothing shows up

Plus it’s not loading texture packs and the taxi ways and runaways look un-rendered, kinda like offline. And the terminals are not detailed.

Looks like a bigger issue. Sorry can’t help from here. Am on holidays in Denmark.

I have the same issue. However it seems to be not with the weather but with the server. I’m not recognized as logged in and too can’t access live settings like traffic and weather. How frustrating. When I first purchased it last month it worked. I can’t access group settings either. I can only select local options.
I honestly don’t know why a few servers aren’t running when I can hop on to other servers on games that are 10 years old. I think this might be a local issue that will have to be updated on a new release meaning we will be stuck like this until the next version.
Thanks for posting.

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I found a fix! Go to Options > General Options > Data > Online Functionality && ensure this is toggled to the “on” position !!

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