Cant load into a flight after tailnumber edit

it happened to me again. I was looking for a way how to delete the default registration, since in the menu it doesnt work I have found a post advicing to put an empty character into the aicraft.cfg atc_id field. Since then my sim refuses to load into a flight. Even if I reverted back to the original registration. Still no luck. Unless I turn off online data. Otherwise the loading bar stops at around 70%.

Give one of my DA40s a try from my recently updated twister pack available on They use a null character successfully. If one of those loads then you can copy and past the tail number line from the twister livery into the aircraft you are trying to fix.

You can’t put a “space” using the spacebar in the atc_id field. Because the sim can’t load an empty space.

Copy this character instead as it is an invisible character that is not a space.

atc_id = " " ; tail number
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I know, but the sim stil doesnt load a flight :confused:

Thank you, I would but now my sim isnt loading into a flight at all :slight_smile:

Even using default aircraft?

I put the tail number I wanted to use in the “tail number” option in the “Customization” setting when selecting an aircraft. From then out it has been adding that same N-number to anything I fly. What’s odd is it doesn’t show that I entered one (anymore) but it still shows up on my aircraft. I’ve never had to edit any config file.

Or did I not understand your question?

As of SU5, MSFS doesn’t display the currently stored tail number in this field. You have to click on the empty field then hit the delete key on your keyboard to remove the stored tail number. Do not move you mouse off the field before hitting the delete key.

same here, but I didn’t edit the aircraft.cfg. It happens when I put a blank in the field.

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Nope. But got it working again, needed to type some registartion in the menu. Then copied pasted your lines from the DA40, and its hidden. Thanks