Sim Freezes when Loading into Airports/Airfields SU5 and WU6

Hello. This isn’t a CTD as such, yet its equally as frustrating.
Support Request Number: 114773

All these issues have started happening after the Update 5 (Game Version
Latest Windows 10 64Bit Professional 20H2 Build 19042.630
GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
i5 6600K
Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog
Logitech Autopilot Panel
Nothing installed in Community Folder. No add-ons just a fresh copy of MSFS2020. No World Updates either. No drivers for any of my hardware are installed.

I can load into the Sim fine. I can fly the training flights, and the Discovery Flights I can fly no problem at all.

Its as soon as I try and load a flight from the world map my problems arise. To start with it happened at certain airports, now it seems to be getting progressively worse. I will go to lets say White Waltham, Booker, Heathrow, Gatwick and more all over the globe. I chose a parking spot, or runway to take off from (no real world weather, no traffic, everything turned off) Choose a plane (it has happened with numerous planes, so its not plane specific) and I hit Fly Now - the sim will load to around 50% and just freeze. The music is still playing in the background. I have waited 30 minutes to see if it will load into a flight with no success. The only way to get back to desktop is to Ctrl - Alt - Delete to task manager and kill the sim. I have tried everything in Overkills video to troubleshoot, including uninstalling the sim, reformatting the hard drive, deleting all the left over folders, and it is still doing the same thing

Is there a folder I have missed when uninstalling that might be causing the problem? Is anyone else having this issue (Screenshots attached) As selfish as it may sound I’m hoping there are so it’s not just me.