Help, stops loading any plane after 3/4 blue loading line

You would make a great snake oil salesman……only kidding :wink:

Actually I will try that

Just something else my FBW developer version CTD as I click to fly since I updated it this morning so I installed the stable version and that seems ok as on a flight now but the lights and EFB don’t work on it , also since SU5 I CTD when clicking fly after loading a flight plan at payware and some freeware airports, very strange and frustrating

Hi KB5083
[Ctrl]+[Enter]+FLY also does not work.


I literally had to remove ALL add ons from the marketplace in order to stop this from happening… the add ons that are not Asobo or Microsoft

Hi all

I put a ticket at Zendesk.


That worked but I did reinstall 457.30 driver

My issue is I getting 50% frames that I was getting before even with the latest driver that happened on a couple of flights over the weekend

I think the FBW A320 is causing these issues as if I fly any other aircraft (stock) my sim is fine

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Thanks Peter, guess we just have to sit around now and wait to see if anything happens. Maybe the 7 September update will provide a solution, here’s hoping anyway. :thinking:

make sure you have checked your mods whether they caused it or not. For me it was a mod for more diverse tree size and colour that kept it from loading in.

Please vote here. You are not alone.
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It will be fixed in SU6 Oct.

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Having same problem as reported by many others. All was fine before SU5 update. Now cannot fly from KSEA because loading stops after about 50%. In Community folder, currently have only latest FSUIP7 module, Navigraph Charts and AIRAC Cycle 2109 rev. 2. Nothing else. However, just completed a flight from KPSC to KSFO in the default Cessna Longitude with no problems, so this may be related to the departure airport. Want to report so this will come to the attention of those who can resolve it.

Have you tried setting a different parking spot or runway at the offending airport?

I have not tried a different parking spot, but have tried other aircraft. Currently have been using KSEA runway 16L or 16C. After the loading failure, where I have to use Task Manager to close FS2020, it comes up with the Safe Mode or Normal options when I start the sim. Will try starting at GA parking or a gate, but do not think it will work.

I get that also.

Usually, the only way that I can stop it is to shutdown my PC and then start again.

Happens random. I can’t determine the cause.
I’ve tried many things.

Salem978 - Just tried what you suggested: Default Cessna Longitude, KSEA Gate N3, to KSFO RWY 28R, 9:00 AM. Froze after loading 2,864.0 MB, CPU about 0.1%. Can not end with Task Bar, but can close with Task Manager. My freeze is very consistent, happens every flight from KSEA, does not matter which plane.

Maybe, there is hope. :blush:

Just did a lap around KSEA in a 172 after takeoff, airport was fairly busy, one camper on the runway.

Not seeing any reason for freeze?

Have to ask, after you end game with task manager are you rebooting before trying again?

If so do not, many times the first time after a reboot I get a lockup but after that I just end it, wait a tick, start again and it’s all but bullet proof after that.

Tried your suggestion, but failed.

3:28 PM - KSEA RWY16L to KSFO, NORMAL mode had to be selected.
Result - Freeze at 2886.1 MB.

Waited about 5 minutes. Did not reboot before trying again.
3:39 PM - KSEA RWY16L to KSFO, NORMAL mode.
Result - Freeze at 2939.4 MB.

Noticed that on starting flight sim, loaded latest version of FSUIPC7, which I had updated yesterday.

Nothing about any errors in Event Viewer.

Aerosoft One installed? (Aerosoft one - Aerosoft product manager software)

Any word on fixing the problem of the SIM freezing while loading? NyxxAoE said it will be fixed in SU6 Oct. So far have not read anything about this in the upcoming update.