Can't update! (no update available for me)


I can’t install the update, the MS Store don’t ask me to install the update. When I launch the game, the program said that I must update the game … How for the update?


I uninstalled the game and now the Store asked me to pay again the game !!! What’s wrong???

go to your xbox app and sign out and then in again. Open the store app and select downloads… it should now show up as an update. If it doesn’t reboot PC and check again.

yep rebooting does the trick!

Log out from Xbox APP and reboot the computer don’t help !!! oh my god what’s wrong ??

Sounds like you’ve borked your installation.

I had no problems as I:

  • went into Store
  • my library
  • clicked “get updates”
  • launched the game from the “play button”
  • main game loaded the updates

I’m playing without issue.

Same. Ran game and it said get the update. No update shows on store. Ran Xbox app. Signed out of store and Xbox. Rebooted. Signed back into store and Xbox app. No update showing.

Why the f**k can’t they just make a program that updates like any others without having to jump through hoops.

Anyway, anyone got any other ideas of how to make the update show up?

No update found and the play button is now : “Buy” … Connected to the right account. I contacted the support and they asked me to contact MS support (not the MSFS supper)…

Same here, no update in the MS Store, I have the XBOX app open in the background

In the Xbox app view your details in the upper right to see what apps you have and it will show you any updates. Select to update and when finish launch the sim using the option in the Xbox app. Once the sim launches, it will download the major part of the update and you are on your way. Don’t forget to check the Content Manager as there are several updates there also.

Once finished, clear your cache if you have one, clear your Content folder and test the sim.

Figure out how to update in the XBOX app but it is different to that described above. I clicked on the my collection icon along the top left. Then when my collection is displayed I click on manage my installs which is near the top right. I then clicked on the tiny update icon next to MSFS.


This seems to have worked for me. The only way I could update was to click on My Collection and update was avialable in there. So strange.

All I had to do was go into Microsoft Store, click “get updates”. Then MSFS popped up (I did have the Xbox app open but not sure if that changed anything). Launched, then I could update.

Only Microsoft could screw this up so badly every single update…
Fixes 4000 things but creates 600 new issues…well done lads…

Sorry, I was confused with the MS Store app. My Collection is the place where I was able to update.

To correct my post, I clicked on the top left icon (my collection) on the Xbox app and an update was available for MSFS.

Well, I’ve come back after 6 months away due to update problems. I downloaded the program from the store then ran it and got told I needed updates. Start to run the updates download. Nothing has changed, updates just loop and loop, resetting to 0% and starting the same file over and over. Oh well, delete it all, come back in another 6 months to see if I can down load it yet. I fail to understand haw Microsoft can screw this up so well, when all the other software I have updates and runs with no issues at all… Maybe I should make it 12 months to see if what I paid for works!

I found a “solution” but things stay strange. I was able to re install the game and use it but I was only able to install the standard version (I have the premium deluxe). On the standard version, after the launch, I have all the premium deluxe stuffs …

And yet I and many others have not had any problems. In fact this time, the update was done and dusted in 35 mins even on my modest collection of technology.

It appears to be your system, settings or MS account.

Following on from my earlier post… I now have the update. Like others said, it was only available in the Xbox app, and then only if I went through the collections icon. The download button(s) didn’t seem to be doing anything but something must of changed in the background as the download was now triggered on starting the sim.
Then I got authentication/connection dropped issues after 1% download. That was due to the servers going down last night though. Everything seemed to download ok this morning.

Why MS can’t just provide an alternate download installation package somewhere I don’t know. It would be much easier to download a single, albeit large, file and just run it offline.

Also, if the sim says “go to the MS store to update”, then takes you to the MS store, why the heck should the update be unavailable there but available in another app completely. Why doesn’t it take you straight to the Xbox app if that’s the one they want you to use.
It’s really time after 12 major updates that they got this process nailed but hundreds of people have issues with it.
This is the first time it happened for me, and I did exactly the same as all other times. Just shows, you are never safe from issues no matter what your previous experience has been.