Career mode addons: OnAir vs FSEconomy vs Air Hauler 2 vs NeoFly vs The Skypark

Chart updated 21st Dec 2020.


Edit: Updated title to include pilot for hire addons (NeoFly and The Skypark) as well as tycoon/business addons (OnAir and Air Haulers 2).

Full list of career mode addons:

  • OnAir
  • Air Hauler 2
  • NeoFly
  • FSEconomy
  • Fly-the-world
  • AirwaySim
  • FsPassengers
  • FSAirlines
  • FSCaptain
  • The Skypark
  • A Pilot’s Life

I tried Onair and did not like it at all.

Got to try out Airwaysim and NeoFly

That’s still on my todo list!

What don’t you like about OnAir? I think it’s quite good (but could be better).

I would hugely appreciate it if you could answer my questions: Flight sim career mode addon - User research

I bought Air Hauler 2 on X-Plane and was disappointed.
Austere interface, ergonomics to review, difficulty to insert addon planes but especially their settings (at least for me).

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I quite liked fspassengers shame it wasn’t developed further. I’ve been using fseconony and I like it’s complexity but learning curve is steep. Also I don’t think it’s ever possible to buy an airliner.


i love OnAir, it does a really good job, has a nice desktop, costs less, works stable and, this is my feeling, it’s the perfect Addon for FS 2020! To be honest: i didn’t tried the other ones, but there is no need for me, i’ll stay with OnAir!


I liked Air Hauler 2 on X-plane but agree that the interface isn’t the best or even the best looking and that it looks very outdated. It would benefit greatly from brighter colours and a more ‘modern’ look and approach.

Having said that, it was much more my ‘thing’ than the alternatives, including OnAir.

I’m enjoying OnAir, incorporating it into a Round the World flight to see how it goes. Found FSEconmy boring after a while as it just seems to be pick up goods, fly, drop off goods. With OnAir there is the challenge to increase skill levels, etc.

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What’s airwaysim like?

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OnAir is pretty useless if you ask me, running a payware on such a buggy sim is asking too much. That’s why I cancelled by navigraph subscription as well. Let’s wait a couple more years, let some of these devs retire into obscurity…until then its not going to be fixed.


I used FSE quite intensively with XP11, but honestly, sooner or later you are always kind of running after virtual money and wasting your time with “soulless flights”…NeoFly can be a real challenge with every flight, until now I didn’t get the feeling to have to earn much money.

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Yes, this is so true. There does need to be some other worthwhile interest other than money otherwise it all gets a bit boring. A bit like real life though isn’t it ?



Longwinded thoughts:
Regarding air hauler 2, to be clear Iam coming at this from an existing customer point of view. I found for existing customers, we only get $16.50 off USD from the retail price of $49.49 USD, as of this post. That ends up being roughly 33% off. From what I gather, it will communicate seamlessly with MSFS 2020 (obviously). Same as in Air Hauler 2 for the X-Plane 11 counterpart, you’ll be able to add your own aircraft into the market. Basically from what I can tell by reviewing the Manual provided by the developer, these are the only two real standout changes they had to do with the basic program to make a compatible with FS 2020. All the other features of the program appear to be the same as the X-Plane 11 version as far as I can tell. Maybe there’s more under the hood development that I am not seen as an end user. But regardless from my point of view it’s a hard sell.

As I stated above, for me this will be a very hard to justify giving the developer another $33.00. This looks like to me the discount should’ve been 50% or greater for existing customers (especially, for customers who bought the product within a 12 month period), to me I feel I’m not getting my money’s worth but your perspective may vary and that’s just fine. It’s your money you do as you see fit. Now will I bend the knee and give the developer the $33.00, at this time I don’t know. I do like the program and have done videos on it in the past. But ■■■■ them, why did they have to make it so expensive. Yes, I know the answer, but never mind.

Maybe Neofly and other products will continue develop an add multiplayer capabilities to their products which in turn would give air hauler 2 competition. Now to be fair, if you’ve never own the product before, then I would say the full price of $49.49 would be justified because it is a good program, so don’t get me wrong. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens, if customers will buy it or not. Just my opinion cheers to all Dion. Youtube: #Dionm01


Not heard of airwaysim. Cannot see anything to suggest it can be used with msfs.

I see Orbx have released ‘the sky park’

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I’m curious, is the goal making every flight interesting? Or challenging? Or is it the empire building aspect that attracted you to these games?

I’m not so bothered about too bothered about the economy aspect. My preference was fspassengers and fscaptain for fsx. I like the flight evaluation, pilot career aspect, as well as something to do mid flight.

Tried all of them. FSE got boring quickly. OnAir I actually quite like. But the delays in populating the web pages was a drag.
AH 2 has a lot but the interface is dreadful.

Now trying SkyPark which I really like.

I’ve decided I don’t like all the management side of things.
I’d prefer it if I had an AI boss who told me the jobs I need to do to progress rather than me manage AI and build a airline empire!

SkyPark has a good random mission option and this I like.

SkyPark does look very swish with a fantastic interface, however from what I’ve seen it doesn’t offer a lot more than NeoFly - it’s essentially a random mission generator that tracks your progress and standing with the two contract companies.

From watching the dev video they said they’re also looking at a premium version that requires a subscription, that does worry me a bit that the basic version won’t see the updates that the premium version does, and it ultimately ends up being left behind.

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I’ve done two flights on sky park and it’s been fun so far! The interface is great on that little iPad and it’s less management and more flying which is great too. On air is fun but not being able to use any of the default MODDED aircraft is annoying. I bought Air Hauler 2 and the potential is there but the interface is just awful and from the early 90’s.

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Yeah I like that sky pad.

I do like the less management stuff. I start to spend so much time organising AI pilots abs just going back and fro the same airports in the economy type apps.

This evening thought I’d roll the dice and ended up flying somewhere in Australia. It’s was fun!

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