Career mode alternatives for XBox players

I recently got into the FS2020 on the XBox, and while I generally enjoy flying around randomly or exploring foreign places, I think it’s a pity that there is no kind of career mode for console players. I kind of understand why that is, and I even understand that we don’t get all the fancy mods like NeoFly due to technical restrictions of the XBox platform, but nevertheless: I’d think having something like that would add so much immersion and fun to the game.

I’m a software engineer by daylight, so I naturally asked myself if I couldn’t just come up with something to solve this problem. Obviously, we don’t get (and maybe won’t ever get) SimConnect for the console, so the options are rather limited compared to the PC version. I haven’t really thought this through at all, but I was casually thinking about some kind of website that would simulate a career as a pilot. Create a profile, select an airport as a base of operations and start earning money by flying around wealthy friends or do some transportation (always wanted to deliver some kidneys with a C152). Having some economy might be an idea as well, like using the earned money to buy new planes (which might involve banks and loans, seeing that those things are rather expensive), maybe take a job as an airline pilot or even start a new airline. One could earn experience by finishing jobs, which in turn could unlock more interesting jobs or “things to do”.

Admittedly, without the ability to link the FS to this “game”, this would involve a lot of make-believe. I can imagine this being interesting and fun, though. Before I start hacking away at my keyboard and build something that only I might enjoy, I was wondering: Would anybody be interested in this kind of poor-man’s career mode? What features would make you want to play this? Does something like this already exist, and I should rather try to help out on an existing project?

That’s my first post here by the way, sorry if I chose the wrong category :slight_smile:


I know what you mean. I’m on console too and having a career mode or something along those lines would be amazing - I’d even be happy being part of someone else’s airline :joy::joy:


Might want to vote for it here.


A few of us are starting to try and build a Xbox aviators virtual alliance, we just formed the group
On community and created a discord, I know we are looking at using google forms for pireps and submit these to be recorded on a website fir progression . I can imagine a few of us would be interested to see how it could work as a career as part of our plans etc


How to join you on discord?


Sounds interesting, I would like to be part of that.


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