Missing Career-Mode/Passengers

I think it’s been long over due.

We need the ability to have some kind of a Career-Mode like in ETS with different tasks at hand and from different HUBs. This could be implemented with different pre-made scenarios as well as customizable/random scenarios for when flying offline, in multiplayer sessions and through different networks like IVAO/VATSIM.

The premade scenarios could be flying tourists over cities for VFR sightseeing tours or bush flying etc. like some of the missions we had in FSX. The POI should then be able to be tweaked/randomized.
Like the current landing challenges in the sim, one could earn points for the punctuality of the flight, the service of different requests (such as a passenger requesting to see “The Shard” in London or similar mid flight), turbulence/bad weather avoidance, overall comfort (incl. t/o roll and landing), fuel costs (by tweaking fuel level according to the weight and weather) and so on.

This adds to cargo flights as well, and also regular passenger flights/business flights, coastal flights, ferry flights etc.

It’s a world of opportunity to broaden the sim further.

Other than that, having the ability to see the passengers (with RANDOM, CUSTOM, WEIGHT PLEASE!) boarding the plane and possibly them actually sitting in the plane, taking pictures or similar, would be epic.


I’m having a lovely time flying so far and expect to for some time, but it reminds me of when I first started playing KSP. A sandbox is lovely for a time, but I end up wanting a bit more structure. When KSP added the career and science modes, I came back to it in a big way and a had a great time all over again.

What I’d like to see is some sort of a career mode that includes things like:

  1. Basic here to there missions
  2. Sightseeing missions
  3. Search and Rescue missions
  4. Weather condition challenges
  5. Getting checked out on various aircraft
  6. An economy side, so you can build out a small airline

I doubt this will exist, MSFS devs never wants to do that, despite a part of the user asking for it since years, so you have to rely on third parties solutions.
for 1 (I think) and 6, maybe you can check www.onair.company, they say its already working with FS2020.

Oh this can exist, there was a third party developer that made a cargo flying mode for FSX.

It was called Cargo Pilot Expansion and in fact here is a link to the add-on for it on amazon.

cargo pilot amazon

I too hope someone comes along and adds a bit of structure to the game. In the meantime, you can always use your good old imagination, just pretend you are doing those cargo runs.


I would expect to see several career mods developed by 3rd parties in the future. Unlimited possibilities this time around.


Hello, will there be a career mode in FS2020? i would really like that

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cheers !



out of the Box compatible with the Sim.


I would love to see that built into the sim too, but I agree with others that it’s highly unlikely to happen.

Check out OnAir Company. It lets you run a virtual airline doing cargo runs and passenger runs, buying planes, hiring pilots, etc. It already integrates with FS2020 to track your flights.


Nothing fancy. Perhaps create a pilot, then start flying small planes on short routes for small airlines. Every successful flight counts for points. When you get enough points you unlock and can go fly longer Routes and bigger aircraft … eventually making your way up to a major airline and large passenger planes


I don’t want a simple career mode, I want something like FSeconomy, but integrated in the sim :stuck_out_tongue: I want to feel like I am playing a role in the world. CHeers :smiley:

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Just use FSE then thats what i am doing lol

That would be awesome if that was built in.

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I think it’s only a matter of time before we get career modes in the sim.

Asobo/Microsoft stated on their last FAQ that they will not be doing a career mode (as shown in the video at the 21:20 Mark.


Der Microsoft Flight Simulator ist eins nices Game aber eine coole Idee wäre es ein Karriere Modus in das Spiel einzufügen. Das wäre ein cooler Modus. In dem Karriere Modus kann man als Manager oder als Pilot starten. Man fängt ganz klein an und dann spielt man sich hoch. Entweder man baut es so auf das man ein eigenen kleinen Flughafen hat und den dann immer größer gestalten kann, oder sogar mehrere kleine Flughäfen besitzt und sie hochspielen kann.Oder man gründet ein Airline Unternehmen und man kann seine Flotte vergrößern. Oder man verbindet die Flughafen Idee mit der Airliner Idee.
Wäre ein cooler Modus liebes Microsoft Team. Danke für das Coole Game. :slight_smile:

I took the liberty of translating his German to English, its a request for a Career Mode…

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a nice game but a cool idea would be to add a career mode to the game. That would be a cool mode. In the career mode you can start as a manager or as a pilot. You start very small and then you play your way up. Either you build it so that you have your own small airport and can then make it bigger and bigger, or even own several small airports and play them up, or you found an airline company and you can expand your fleet. Or you can combine the airport idea with the airliner idea.
Would be a cool mode dear Microsoft team. Thanks for the cool game


Hi everyone. I have just merged three #self-service:wishlist threads covering the request for a career mode into one thread. If this is something you want, please consider clicking the Vote button at the top of this topic.


I think there should be a career mode as standard! Let’s face it we all like flying as we are here in the first place. If flight sim is truly a simulation of the real world then surely ppl who fly the airbus and Boeing should be a sponsorship. In the real world John Doe can not just jump in a plane and fly it! ( if they do it’s a act of terrorism ) . If you apply the same theory to a racing sim would you just give the player a car and say “ hey I gave you the car, we built a town/track with no boundaries. You go figure it out oh and by the way players paint your own liveries too” it would make sense to have a basic option, this will also bring new ppl in to a ever growing sim world.

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The game is nicely done, but as well as FSX and XP - still with lack of content “what to do” there after first impressions and hours of just free flying.
IMHO it is time to implement at least kind of daily missions, as commercial pilot you have to get to the departure airport, roll there, get passengers, and then fly to a final destination - all including proper radio communication, correct airport approach, rolling etc.

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