Carenado announced Cessna 337 Skymaster


Instant purchase. It will look amazing, fly like default stuff. Will have some initial bugs, you will wait for updates eternally. But still always a great time with these guys.


stick a fork in me when this baby comes out. Looks amazing.

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The FSX/P3D version definitely didn’t fly like a default aircraft.

One of the few add-ons where the drag actually increases during gear extension/retraction with open gear doors.


One thing always puzzles me, why is Carenado still the only third party developer who could implement stressed skin texture on their aircraft? It adds so much realism to their product.


Sweet! Can’t wait for this one.

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The FSX version was awesome! This is an instant buy for me.

Time to watch Bat*21 again. :smiley:


Loved it in FSX and take only because it looked interesting with two props. I didn’t expect it will be that good. Can’t wait for release.
Handled very well, decent speed and I hope it will be the same in MSFS.

They’re the only people who bother to learn to make decent texture maps.

One of my all time favourite GA - cannot wait.


Looks like the Stephen Kings The Night Flier airplane is back! Finally! This will be my next DLC.

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That’s it, I’ll be deleting all other aircraft from my hanger once my favorite aircraft off all time comes out. Best news yet! Thank you Carenado, where do I sign up??? Oh, and I’d love to Beta this bird!


Day one purchase. One of the only multi engines out there that doesn’t have multi engine characteristics. Such a unique and capable aircraft.

My great uncle used to have one, always shut down on of the engines in cruise to save fuel lol.

Any news when this is coming out?

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My favorite twin. Hoping for a better experience than we’ve had so far… this will be difficult to resist, but Marketplace only gives me pause…


Dornier Do335 also features the similar push-pull design.

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I had (and still have) a lot of fun with it in P3D. That’s the only aircraft I want to have from Carenado (there are or will be alternatives for all their other airplanes I concider). But still I’m not sure if I will get it. Too many obstacles with 3rd party addons that are only available through Marketplace.

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thats one of the downsides to carenado, youre stuck using marketplace.

id be happiest if you could configure this without the gps stack

also, carenado makes pretty models, but they dont scale well in VR- their latest, the tail dragger cessna feels to be only about 3 feet wide. this is an issue i have with carenado only…not that its gonna stop me from purchasing on day 1

I’m glad that Carenado finally decided to pick something a little more unique from their vast catalogue. The Skymaster is certainly the most interesting addition so far. Instant buy for me too.

And not with two measely 200hp Continental O360, but two DB603 with 1800hp each for some serious rate of climb and top speed.

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But the Do335 has a 5x higher MTOW. :wink:


Until they dump the marketplace exclusivity, this is an avoid sadly.

Can’t be waiting 2 months for a working aircraft after every sim update.