Carenado P28R Arrow III: Unable to take off with flaps after Sim Update 3

After having updated to Sim Update 3, the Carenado P28R Arrow III is acting very weirdly and is not capable of taking off with flaps. Please see this screen recording I made:

It’s pretty clear from minute 2:15 that it is exactly the flaps that are causing this crazy behavior.

Have any of you experienced similar issues after Sim Update 3?

Update: My game runs very smoothly (I have got an RTX 3070 and usually never dip below 30 FPS). I recorded this with the Xbox Game Bar, which apparently stutters a lot.


Check to make sure you are not in active pause mode. I heard that could cause this behavior.

I am not. I simply loaded up the flight, wanted to take off, and this behavior started happening. Worked fine yesterday before the update.

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i have update 3. activating flaps on the Arrow causes loss of control as if my tail’s been ripped off.

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I thought I’d see if other Carenado aircraft had the problem, so I tried to load a flight with the Carenado M20R Ovation. Thrice now, MSFS has crashed before it presents the “READY TO FLY” prompt. :frowning_face:

If I try with one of the default C172 (G1000), I get to the runway with no problem.

Definitely, problems exist between the Carenado aircraft models and update 3.

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Sim update broke the flaps. Carenado is aware of the problem, and told they will patch the Arrow ASAP (on their Facebook page).

Knowing how long it typically takes for anything to arrive to the in-game content manager, its probably going to take a while unless MS has improved their processes. Probably best to avoid short landings for now, as otherwise the plane works just fine.

Right. Thanks for the update.

Still kinda puzzles me how the physics engine in MSFS works. Under what circumstances would a plane ever be able to act like it does here? :joy:

Could you not post in one of several PA28 threads?

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Which other thread would be relevant for this issue? I can’t seem to find any except for the thread about the release of the Carenado Allow.

Now you understand why developers like A2A created their own flight models…

There’s a pretty good discussion of how the flight model works in the SDK. The fact that developers, like FlyingIron, are setting the engine scalar to 0.37 (instead of 1.0, which it should be) means that developers probably are just hacking away at flight model parameters, so, when changes are made to the flight model equations, it totally messes up how planes fly.

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Indeed since the last update of March 9, the PA28 with flaps, undergoes strong longitudinal oscillations at takeoff, which always ends in a crash!

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In truth, however, except for short field takeoffs, nobody uses flaps on takeoff with any model of the Piper Cherokee airplane.

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Hate to disagree with you but I learned to fly in 1970 on various models of Cherokee and we always used 1 notch of flaps. The runway was only 2700 feet so it was necessary. Longer runways do not require the flaps however.


You aren’t disagreeing with me. Especially in a training situation, a 2700 foot runway would pretty much be considered a short field takeoff. It’s not really that short, but, if I were an instructor, I’d treat it as such with a student.

My Carenado Arrow started doing somersaults down the runway after the latest update. I had been playing with the new CG adjustment and after putting that back to the original setting, the gymnastics stopped. It was still a little funky though so something may gotten borked. The other Carenados I have (182, Ovation & Seminole were fine).


Thanks. We never considered it short but, looking back, it was good training using a short field like that (plus we always seemed to have some very powerful crosswinds that made landings especially memorable). They have since lengthened the runway to 3300 so the 2700 was a concern.

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For anyone interested, Just Flight released their Arrow III about an hour ago.

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I didn’t even play with CG and experienced your issue. Will try this. I’m also being plagued by FPS stutter post update - after a very smooth performance prior. Stinks.

Yeah, the Sim Update 3 has been a nightmare for me so far. Nothing works!

1970 would have been the constant chord “Hershey Bar” wing platform with a lower aspect ratio and higher induced drag and lower thrust than the Arrow’s, correct?