Carenado PC-12

It looks exactly like their X-Plane version which I fly quite often and enjoy it. I do have the additional reality expansion pack for it though. So hope this one at least meets that level of accuracy.


Well. I was hoping perhaps this weeks Marketplace update. Nope. :disappointed:

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Does the marketplace only update once per week ? I’d have thought it was a constant dribble but I try not to buy anything from there if I can get it from the devs so I’m a bit out of practise at it :slight_smile:

Used to be every Thursday, now it’s Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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I could not help myself and checked the release dates of previous Carenado releases and they are all on Fridays. Probably next week then.

Grt M

It’s still Friday where I am! There’s still hope! :smiley:

clutches straw very tightly

Clutch all you want, I’m sure if Asobo’d planned to release it this week, it would have featured on this week’s development update. :wink: Sorry to disappoint you I guess.

Your childish anticipation is adorable!


Thank you, thank you! Your patronising is too!

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No, it’s great. I haven’t that kind of reaction for anything in many years


I think I’ll stay with the TBM until SWS gets in the fray.

I feel it too, for any new plane that is coming out. Not necessarily this one, mind, but certainly for others. It’s difficult to explain to co-workers that I hope my train isn’t late tonight as I have a new plane to fly. :slight_smile:

According to Carenado’s Facebook, they have released it to Microsoft.

Then you should pass on the entire and correct information straight away :wink:

Dear friends, we are very happy to inform you that the PC12 project was finished and handed over to Microsoft to be uploaded to the simulator marketplace, Microsoft recently told us that this will happen in the first days of September, we appreciate all the shows of support and understanding setbacks in the development of this project, thank you all very much and we hope you have fun with this wonderful plane!..🙂

First days of September :disappointed:


Well that’s probably going to be Friday the second then. I had some hopes to fly it this Friday just two days before we leave on our holiday. Now i have something to look forward after the holiday to relax and rest (going away on vacation with one baby and one toddler is fun, but not relaxing :relieved:)

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Oof September :disappointed: I’m excited for this but it’s now the 10 Aug - September feels a looong way away.

Those Marketplace lead times man, they’re killing me.

I kinda knew that most developers that had launches planned for August will find a way to hold till SU10 drops on the 23rd. This, the analog King Air etc…

If they launch a week before the SU10 drops, would make no sense , since they can probably spot some problems and release a version ready to work on SU10 without the need to fix and update the week after.

I’ll believe it anyway only when it’s actually available on the marketplace - whenever - then I’ll buy it :slight_smile:

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