Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1.000 Perfomance Mod

Update 11-05-2020: I updatet the C172 Mod. There are now two versions:
Standard Version: performance changes
Joystick Version: performance changes plus some changes to effectivity of ruder, elevator and ailron

Vanilla aircrafts lacks in power. Now you can actually make short-field take-offs with maximum take-off weight.
Also you can see approximately POH climb values, even at high altitudes. Vanilla aircraft was 25% and more off on the lower side.
In static full power run-up you should now see more than 2.300 rpm, like the POH states.

You still have to lean even under 3.000 ft. Just always use a static full power run-up before take-off and lean for max rpm. This is not realisitc, but I cannot figure out, how to fix that. This is not coming from the mod, this is also vanilla behaviour.

There are now two versions of the mod:

Standard Version:

  • increased power & adjusted lift & drag to increase climb performance & short-field take-offs with MTOW.
  • slightly decreased ground roll torque effect
  • changed autopilot input behaviour for altitude and speed (FLC) - now increases always the same amount with buttonpresses. No longer increasing jumps, the longer you push the button.
  • autopilot vs steps are now 50 fpm

Joystick Version (the additional changes are for a better gaming experience not a more realistic aircraft):
same as above plus:

  • significantly reduced ground roll torque effect
  • decreased effectivity of elevator, ailron and rudder
  • decreased elevator trim effictivty

Link: C172 Skyhawk G1000 Handling and Performance Mod at Microsoft Flight Simulator Nexus - Mods and community

I also made a quick reference chart for beginners for this aircraft.
Link: 2.04 MB file on MEGA

If you speak german, check out my vid, where I tested the mod in nepal lukla VNLK.
Link: Cessna 172 ShortFieldTake-Off/Landung in Lukla/C172 Performance MOD ★ Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube

best regards


Thanks a lot! (Andi Koehn Youtube) :blush::+1:

There is a problem with the mod when you start the engines lean. Just follow this advise:

!! IF YOU START THE ENGINES FROM DARK AND COLD, THEN USE FULL RICH OR AT LEAST 50% MIXTURE, ELSE THE AIRCRAFT WILL “JUMP”. This is because the RPM jumps to over 4.500! while starting lean for a brief moment. I cannot prevent this without lowering the power of the engine back to standard values. I only increased the power by around 10%. But the RPM jump during the engine lean start is a ridiciulous 100% and more. This is some odd behaviour of the MS FS code, that I cannot change.!!

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In that case would it not maybe be better to reduce the engine power back to the default and increase propeller thrust instead?

I tried to do that, but it has not the same outcome for me. I am waiting for the patch tomorrow, maybe somethings will change for the better. Otherwise I am continously iterating on the mod, maybe I find better settings.



Its only compatible with the g1000 variant?

In that case, can you make it compatible too with the steam gauges variant? would be great

thanks for the mod

Good idea. I will add a version for the non g1000 variant too.


thank you very much!!

cool to use working titles g1000 with this?

There should be no interference with the g1000 mod.

Please do this, i love the gauges variant.
P.S. love ur youtube-channel, great videos.

Thx und vielen Dank.

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Thank you, I viewed your video, well done, although I do not understand German, I am French.
How do you manage to move the screens of the G1000, there, I did not understand anything.

Thank you for your effort and the modification and the reference document.
Is the mod only available at Nexus ?. Do I have to register there to download the file ?.


In english the keybinding is called “New UI Window” or something like that. Standard Key should bei right alt. Press it and then klick with the mouse on the screens you wanna undock.

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Where can get this Mod?. Tried to download from Nexus but cannot register there. I get email verification code but that is where it ends.

any news of the steam gauges variant? :pray:t2:

Yeah, bad news. It seems, that all Edition Aircrafts are not be able to be modded. they are somehow encoded I guess, so you cannot share them with others, who dont have the editions. I continue to try to figure out this, but I dont wanna make you any hope.


fingers crossed :pray:t2:

thank you anyway bro

Can you please make it compatible with the latest version of the sim?

Also any plans for updating the steam gauge C172?

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I intend to update the mod on the weekend and make a iteration to get the cold start working. There still seems to be no way of modding edition planes. And I really doubt, that this will be possible in the near future. We can make liveries for editions aircrafts though, but can´t mod the important config files.

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