Cessna 172SP Skyhawk AS1000 improvement mod

There is new great improvement mod for default Cessna 172.

Did quick look video:


He’s been working on it for quite a while. Glad to see it finally released. I love the work he does on his previous 172 mods.


I am always impressed by what people can do and what they can achieve. Especially the idea with the checklist etc… Highest admiration from my side. :+1: :+1: :+1:


Hey thanks for the post, I was going to make one :slight_smile:

I hope everyone will like it. There’s a lot more features to come.

I need to thank again Asobo/Microsoft for the Games content usage rules : not all firms allow people to patch and repost as freeware like they do.

I’m sure a lot of you would like the classic version to have the same mod, but this won’t be possible (this one is encrypted and part of the premium pack so not redistributable)

Happy skyhawk flying !


I want to use this mod but I want to keep the improvements from the su10 beta.
I hope he updates it once Su10 drops.

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flying this a lot in the past days, very good mod !


I haven’t tried SU10 beta. We’ll see if the mod needs update when it’s out

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The livery pack of “Cessna2807” somewhat confuses the selection of aircraft in connection with the “WB-Sim 172SP Classic Enhancement”. The mod alone is very cool and does not affect the selection of “WB-Sim” either!!!

Concerning SU10 Beta - your mod works fine without any quirks. I don´t know if you intend to tweak the flight-model - but for owners of the WB Sim C172 analog improvement addon - they could simply copy over the flight_model.cfg and the engines.cfg from WB Sim into your mod and just edit your tweaks (static pitch, contact point etc.) per editor into the wb sim flight_model.cfg and than they have additionally to your excellent changes, the excellent flight model of wb sim. I did that and it is just amazing.

Here would be my review video of your mod in german language.

Kind Regards


I just posted a wish list for a study level G1000 based 172. Wonder if you could copy over some of the other system depth as well (i.e. state saving/wear and tear/etc)?

Hi, state saving and wear and tear is not that simple to copy over.

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That’s good to know !

New update of this mod
Did quick video showing new external static objects :

  • tie downs
  • pitot covers
  • cowl plugs

Don’t miss the poll for the next wanted feature :

  • map on a cardboard to display internet VFR moving maps
  • tablet to display external webservice like littlenavmap, neoflypad…
  • passengers & cargo setups
  • cockpit state persistence (all switches and levers)

It’s probably not that easy to implement, but for me the most important feature by now is “save state” - especially concerning the tank filling :wink:
For me, this simply makes the sim more rounded…

Thank you for this beautiful mod!

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Now that we have passengers, I’ve started to integrate all the objects I made last summer for the cargo configurations

Here’s one of them :


Hi, it looks great but it seems currently unusable in VR. The collision mesh on the instrument panels makes accessing many of the buttons not possible.

Is it something different from the stock C172SP ?
I haven’t touched any collision objects. Is the problem a missing collision mesh ?

I’m not sure exactly, I haven’t done any airplane development myself to know the details. I just know it’s a common problem with many airplanes in VR.

The stock C172 is fine. In the improvement I can’t click on many of the G1000 buttons since the mouse appears to jump 3 to 4 inches away from the panel or sometime inside the panel.

If I trace the buttons on the G1000 up from the bottom, I can click on the bottom buttons, like CLR. But FPL, Direct, APR, NAV, etc. require a bit of trial and error.

Most of the physical switches seem fine. I think it’s just the Garmin ones. Is there anything different with the NXi?

I wish it was something easy to screen shot as it looks perfect in 2D. :slight_smile: