Cessna c-208 reverse propellor

The Cessna 208 Caravan has a reverse-propellor-function by shifting the throttle full backward, so even down from idle (manually dragging it on the panel).
Now with my Bravo Throttle quadrant I cannot move my lever further down than idle. What can I do to achieve that function in my throttlequadrant?
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What do you mean you cant move it further down ? Is it stuck on the detent ? Like, physically ?

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I think they mean they don’t have a segment of their axis which denotes reverse thrust.

There is an easy way around this, but it really helps if you have a physical detent. You place the throttle where you want the new idle point to be, and on the response curve you set the Neutral point to be on the centre line of the axis.

The post below explains some of this, and links to earlier posts of mine about it.

If you don’t use this method you have to assign a button to enable reverse thrust, and then increasing forward movement of the power lever will increase reverse thrust.

When on ground set Handle to minimum , then push F1 then hold F2 , it work´s … always

My solution.

To make sure the throttle lever rests at its idle position, increase the dead zone:

Go to Options/Control Options. Select your Bravo Throttle quadrant.
Under Power Management/Throttle click Sensitivity and find the axis your throttle lever is bound to.
Change Extremity Dead Zone to -10 (that is minus 10, not 10).
Click Done.

Activate the reverser:
Back in Controls Options under Filter select NEW.
Find Decrease Throttle and bind an unused button to it.

Click Apply and Save.

How does it work?
As the Pilot’s Handbook says, set the fuel condition lever to High Idle before take-off. This arms the reverser when you later touch down on the runway. Now, at the runway bring the throttle lever to idle and press the button. The reverser engages and the propeller pitch changes, bringing the a/c to a stop.
To disengage the reverser simply move the throttle lever a bit forward.

You can test the function on the taxiway or as your own push-back when parked close to a terminal building.

I use something like Toggle Reverse Throttle on my setup (can’t remember the exact phrasing - on a different 'puter at the moment). When toggled, pushing my controller’s throttle forward sends the plane’s power lever into beta and then into reverse. It’s not exactly realistic in the way it works, but it works, none the less. And it works on normal t-prop throttles along with the TBM930’s single lever setup.

I think they mean they don’t have a segment of their axis which denotes reverse thrust.

There is an easy way around this, but it really helps if you have a physical detent.

Yeah but thats what confuses me because the Bravo throttle quadrant DOES have a detent and the segment for reverse thrust below that.

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Great. So you can set the physical throttle on that detent, then go to the controls sensitivities screen, and adjust the Neutral slider so the white do sits right on, or very slightly below the centre line. Bottom left to the centre line is forward thrust, centre line to the top right is reverse thrust. I use this on my TQ6+, and no buttons are necessary, purely axis controlled.