Cessna C402 or C404, is there one?

Anyone know if there are any Cessna C402 or C404’s available? I liked the old TV show “Wings” and wanna play around with one.



There isn’t one. Here is the up-to-date list of all released aircraft.


Would love to see a C402. Used to fly Cape Air from Hyannis to Nantucket quite a bit and would love to replicate that flight. Hopefully soon!

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Flysimwares next aircraft for MSFS will be their C402, as far as I know.



C441 is the way to go, we have plenty of pistons :slight_smile:

Milviz is currently working on the C310 for MSFS. Smaller, but in many respects similar performance.

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I used to fly a C-404 and found Flysimware’s P3D version to be a fairly accurate replica. It would be nice to have it available in MSFS.


They are still working on their G-44A Widgeon, so it might take some time before we can see their next aircraft.

We need the C402 for Cape Air


Especially for modelmatching purposes

We can only hope that Carenado (Alabeo actually) port over their C404 &/or C421. Despite the criticism Carenado often receive, these were two of their best aircraft on P3D, so :crossed_fingers:.

Whilst we do have alot of piston aircraft, there’s nothing really in this category, that being charter/small business aircraft.

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I think it’s time for a GOOD turboprop airplane. Whether that’s a Pilatus, a Beechcraft, or another TBM, … how about all three?

Well, unfortunately a GOOD turboprop would require the Asobo turboprop engine model to be substantially upgraded. Untill then, we’ll just get more of what we already have.

With the C208, B350, TBM, I personaly think were doing ok for turboprops. We don’t really have a piston larger than the Seneca. A commuter class C404/C421 would fill a gap nicely.

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I suppose; I wish the 350 was a little closer to reality as far as cockpit functionality is concerned; perhaps that’s why I’m wishing for a third party turboprop (the TBM 930 is by far my most spent time flying in though, amazing!)

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Yeah, I hear you. King Air’s are one of my favorite aircraft (though I prefer steam gauges to glass), but the B350 in MSFS is probably the worst aircraft in the entire sim. The avionics are just a terrible mish-mash of different models that makes it overly cumbersome and difficult to use.

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Of course - Carenado the master of general aviation has them all.

But we have to wait until these masterpieces will get reworked and released for Flight Sim 20.

Here is one that is similar, maybe you will be interested in this one too :slight_smile: the Reims-Cessna 406 Caravan II

Carenado didn’t make a C402, but Flysimware did. That’s the plane I’m waiting for (the C402).

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The BN2 Islander would beg to differ :slight_smile:

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And the Widgeon or Goose (on PC).

Out of interest what’s still wrong with it?

I thought Asobo implemented a lot of good fixes over the last couple of SU’s? The ITT behaviour with altitude seems to be more or less fixed, though I’m not sure the default aircraft engine configs have been tuned to take full advantage of these changes.

There is a nice C208 mod under development available via the Bush League Legends discord that focuses on tuning the engine and flight performance that may be worth a try?