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It’s extremely important that you fix the CH Rudder input in MSFS 2020. It’s NOT buttons used for rudder in CH Rudder. As it is now it’s either on or off, no matter selectivity or dead zone. Not acceptable.

FIX IT! MSFS2020 is not usable until it’s fixed.

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Hyperbole is not helpful. It may not work in the exact way that you want… but it’s fully useable without that rudder.

You should edit your post and keep within the code of conduct.

CH Rudders do work when you properly assign the right bindings.


Hi Ferretwithaspork, are there instructions available to configure the CH Pedal and also a CH Yoke.

I’ve been using MSFS since FS95 and currently fly Aerosoft A320 with VRinsight FCU and some GoFlight Modules.
Hoping these will eventually work too

If people instead of having opinions and remarks the way I write, instead could tell me how to make CH Rudder work properly. But there are always people that make replies without content.
If anyone think I’m new to Flightsims, forget it. I have them all and been simming for more than 20 years.

Fyi, I have them assigned to ZX- and ZX+ and they behave as described in earlier post.
No more fanboys pls.

My CH Products Yoke, Rudder and Throttle quad work.

My CH Pro Pedals do not work correctly. They “work”, but there is now way to calibrate them. Right rudder goes past 255, left doesn’t go to zero and most important of all… They are badly off center. To roll straight down the runway requires considerable left rudder, same in flight to keep the ball centered.

Is there any way to fix this now, or is it a bug/enhancement. As a “real” pilot this is a killer defect. Using the joystick paddles is awful. Flying without the rudder is practicing bad habits. If this is not going to get fixed then what pedals do I have to buy to make it work. The CH products rudders are still being sold as though they should work by reputable dealers like Sporty’s Pilot Shop.


You can calibrate them via the joystick device in Windows 10.
Type: joy.cpl in the Windows 10 search.

Google and download the CH product manager software and it will allow you to calibrate the pedals. That most likely will fix it unless it is an actual hardware issue.


BuzzBee2020, do you have by any chance a guide how to configure the CHProducts yoke type FSY211U for MSFS2020?

Thank-you for getting me started on the correct path. It was a bit more difficult so I will explain for those who might follow. Windows 10 does not calibrate the CH Products rudders, yoke, etc. It instructs you to download and use the “CH Control Manager”. But that does not work… right away. You must then uninstall your rudders, yoke, etc. Then reboot, then install them again after the CH Control Manager. Then the manager works! And calibration works! And life is good.

I am on Win10 and it allows you to calibrate the CH rudder pedals in exactly the same way as any other USB controller without the CH Control Manager - I just did it.

However, I could not get the brake pedals to work properly until I installed the Manager app. I didn’t open it, or change any settings, just installed it and the brakes worked. Set them up to use the Brake Axis rather than the other Brake settings - which I assume are for paddles or triggers - perhaps on an Xbox controller?.

Before installing the Manager, the brakes were clearly operating as if they were a joystick with -ve & +ve directions rather than a pair of sliders, meaning that unless you held them exactly half way at all times, they would be set to 100% on, regardless of whether you used the X+/Y+ options.

Once working, setting a 10% null zone and a small negative setting on the sensitivity to create a curve seemed to help an awful lot.


First, I use CH Manager for other sims and programs. I am a long time CH Products user and I have spent a lot of time in DCS, FS 2004 through P3D setting up custom mapped profiles in CH Manager. It is a shame that FS 2020 does not support this feature.

1_CH Productrs setup 2_New Profile 3_combine_no 4_calibrate

I will work on getting some pics of my Control Settings within FS 2020 shortly

A lot of what I know about CH Control Manager I learned here, most of which will not apply to FS 2020

Nerraw420 is correct.

This is what I did with my CH Rudder Pedals.
They need to be remapped.

My CH pro pedals is not working right
I can only assign the rudder to Right Yaw and Left Yaw, and this is binary meaning on or off. It is not linear as it does not assign to the axis curve. So rudder input is completed on to left or on to right. No smooth assignment where you can gently move rudder gradually.
Can someone help

The rudders need to mapped to the axis. There’s a post already in this forum of a screen capture of all CH Products settings for MSFS.

Interesting. In X-Plane there’s no need of CH mgr, the pedals works fine without any installed CH Manager. If I use CH mgr, I can’t use them in XP. I have to uninstall CH mgr again.
Also my Logitech Throttle quadrant is behaving odd, even when using any of the axis available.
So two out of my three hardware I use is not working in MSFS2020.

Hi all glad to hear everybody chiming in on their thoughts I’m having the same problem with the CH products petals my problem is similar but a little different I’m able assign everything and all inputs affect the Sim however the right and left petals are so sensitive they throw the rudder pedals to close 100% and throw the Cessna all over the run way
I have gone as far as turn the sensitivity to -95 and still the result is the same any help appreciated
FYI I completely uninstalled the CH products editor and the pedals still show up in flights sim so I figured the simpler the path the better

just use these options only for CH Pro Pedals (do not select -/+ at the end of said name in selection drop down) and validate each-

then adjust the sensitivities - enjoy the sim


Just to chime in - my initial response to CH Pro pedals not working was to reinstall CH Manager etc, as some here have done, which worked for a while. Then a Windows update caused the manger to make Windows BSOD on boot up 100% of the time. So Manager was uninstalled. Now the pedals work fine, with a little adjustment to the sensitivity. Actually, looking at the post above, I have mine a lot lower than that on the rudder and pedals, and it works well. YMMV.
Go figure.