Change Aircraft without Main Menu Return

It would be really great to be able to change aircraft without ending a session and having to return to the main menu.

This is very time consuming and this option has been present in all other iterations of the sim.


Aircraft selection from menu bar would be nice :ok_hand:

Would be great to be able to change aircraft on demand as opposed to needing to back out to the main menu.


Yes, I’d like to second that. I miss this function.

Totally agree. I would also like to fast-change the position/airport within the game as in older FS versions.

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Enable the developer mode in the options.
You get a new toolbar in the Sim.
There you can switch planes on demand.


Now I understand why this isn’t available by default. It takes a considerable while to load up a new aircraft.

+1 this really annoys me that i have to quit (and load the main screen) to select another plane or location and then wait to load that.

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I resolved that enabling delevoper options.

And this helps? how do you change it now? :thinking:

There’s an aircraft selector under the “windows” menu which appears if you enable developers mode under General options.


You have to enable developer options to change the plane in flight? And this was mentioned where by Asobo?

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We really shouldn’t have to go into developer mode. I don’t know what that changes and am not fully comfortable using it without knowing more about it


You cannot “normally” change the aircraft in flight, but the developer mode gives you a workaround.

Yes, just don;t like developer bar up all the time. Then I believe if you close it, you have to go back to menu to reengage developer mode.

+1 for this feature please, X-Plane and all previous FS versions had this so why was it dropped?


+1 for this feature


Change the plane at any moment without finish the flight

This has been requested forever, can do it in every other sim. Weird.

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+1 It’s unbearable to leave a flight just to change machines…