Change of weather and time after loading a saved flight

I cannot change the weather or time when loading a saved flight.
It doesn’t matter if the saved flight was in live weather or not.

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These issues get better …
As in title. Why ? Makes saving flights pretty unappealing.


If you picked “live weather” then you can’t, otherwise you can. And you can use the “Custom Weather” option and then pick a “live” inside that that will also do what you want.

@xGabe777x Did this work for you?

I’m having the same issue. I can’t change the time or weather of a save that has been loaded. Even if I start with custom weather and time. Once I save the flight and load it back in the weather is locked.

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No. Any reloaded flight has no drop down menu for weather.
Hopefully Asobo will be looking at our posts here and they will be fixed.

All we can do is be patient and keep posting bugs. I assume that’s what they want us to do ?

As I say it’s got a lot of potential but I wish I’d been on the Beta team. I would have banged on about these issues until they listened…

E.G. Why can’t I pan with a hatswitch in external view ?

Why doesn’t V sync work properly ? Why are the shadows in the cockpit so jaggy ? Even changing shadows to 4096 in the cfg file does nothing.

Etc etc.

And… Finally, why has Unalakleet…(PAUN) … The base of a founding member of a famous bush flying company (that became Raven Air, not even an airport !?! Lots of smaller airstrips in the NW Alaskan area ARE there !

I’m really upset.


I have saved a flight file (*.FLT) in FS2020. After the saved FLT file is loaded the weather tab on the top of the screen is gone. When I check the “setting” tab, the weather selection is grayed out. This is only happened after loading a FLT file. If a new flight is selected then the weather tab is displayed. Anyone have similar problem?

Were you in a group flight with friends and someone else was the Group Leader? If you save that .FLT, then it is likely restarting that flight would restore the weather settings to what was active when you saved it during the group flight. Just a thought.

Load the PLN file instead. It will let you edit everything like weather, time, aircraft and route. If you load the FLT file it locks everything to how you saved it.

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I can confirm. Saving game situations (flt files) is a disaster compared to FSX or P3D.
Many settings are not saved (e.g. settings of the potentiometers for the lights, which I have to adjust myself again and again).
And no, after loading an flt file the weather and therefore the time can’t be changed.
The whole simulator still seems to be a construction site.
Or as I like to say, banana software, ripens at the customers.

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Is it designed like that or it’s a bug?


I’ve figured out a work-around for now:

  1. Locate and open your saved flight .FLT file in the explorer
  2. Skip to [Weather]
  3. Adjust the WeatherPresetFile entry to your liking by changing i.e. ClearSky to Fog
  4. Save and close the file
  5. Reload the saved flight in the sim

Same works for the time:

  1. Skip to [DateTimeSeason]
  2. Adjust the Day/Hours/Minutes to your liking

Let’s hope the devs fix this rather simple yet annoying bug in an upcoming patch.



Since I do not know the requirements, I cannot say that. But I don’t see a reasonable reason why you can’t change the weather or the time after loading a saved game. After all you can change these data if you set the same situation in the world map.

You can change the weather and time in life flight using the custom toolbar and select the weather icon.

Please create a Zendesk ticket for that.
I discovered the same issue.

Can’t understand, I don’t have this issue. I have loaded 2 different flights previously saved, and I’m always able to change weather or time.

Same issue as well. Even if I specifically select live weather, no multiplayer, no AI aircraft before loading the flight - my saved flights (with live weather) always load up with clear skies and there is no weather button on the toolbar, so cannot change back to live weather.

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No not after loading a saved flight. This problem exist since the last patch (1.9.3 ?)

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When you load a saved flight (pln or flt ?) is the aircraft on the ramp or on the runway?

I save in flt.
The plane is where I parked it.

Can’t change weather either after loading a saved flight. Before the game crashed (AGAIN) I had cloudy skies. Then it crashed and I reloaded, now I’m stuck with clear skies. Absolutely no ability to change the weather settings in the World Map menu or in-flight, the weather button is greyed out.

This means that once the game randomly crashes like it does every flight, my weather is deleted and I am permanently stuck with no weather until I start a brand new flight from scratch. This is completely absurd and ridiculous.

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