Change Rolling Cache

What will happen if I change the limit of rolling cache from 20 (by default) to 50, what should I notice?

I’m not really sure by I’m curious because some on here were saying the Rolling Cache wasn’t even working.

If I had to guess, you should see smoother scenery as you fly along because you will be able to build up more of up in your cache. I think this would be more evident if you had a slower internet connection.

Here is a link to a recent thread on the issue.

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If you have a reasonable internet connection and no cap on data then the rolling cache is only a real benefit if you are flying the same geographic area.
The purpose of the cache is to allow the sim to download the scenery and then your sim can access that data without having to download it again. There may be a slight slowdown of the data stream when downloading, storing and then retrieving but even Asobo suggests that to be imperceptible in most cases. If your cache is on an SSD and not a HDD then there would be a faster retrieval rate for data stored in the cache. Increasing the size of the cache will allow for a larger geographic area to be stored but will not increase the detail. The data used to generate your scenery is the same for a given sq mile regardless of the source, internet or cache.
The only way to really find out if there is an improvement in your case is to try it. If you have a questionable internet connection or if your provider uses bandwidth sharing/throttling you may find that it is a benefit to have that data preloaded rather than streaming it.

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