Changing Sim time

I know you can change time using the slider in the menu but it’s not very accurate, often jumping by many minutes. Is there a more accurate way?

What I’d like to know is why changing the sim time causes me massive stutters that sometimes takes minutes to stop.

I agree with you. We used to have 2 buttons with “+” and “-” to finely tune the time.

There is a wish on this if you would like to contribute to:


I just figured out that you can use the mouse wheel to increment by the minute. Hope that helps.


Mouse wheel isn’t doing anything for me…??

Tried putting mouse actually on the ‘handle’, or just within the box, or hold left button whilst wheeling. Nothing.

Wheel should work for any of those types of sliders if they have focus…

If not then go to Windows Control Panel, Mouse and get the wheel working corectly.

Do you have SU10 Beta or SU9? It only was implemented recently, so SU10 Beta has it, SU9 does not.

That explains it :smiley:
Thanks for the info!

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You’re welcome! I wanted to add that all of the weather sliders have that feature in SU10.

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Do you have any external hardware like Logitech panels, or maybe a MIDI controller, and use SPAD or presumably FSUIPC?

I ask because you can assign the SimConnect events for hours, and minutes to a rotary control, and adjust the time like that.

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