Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) Paris, France: Taxiway overpasses cause crashes

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Brief description of the issue: Twice I have tried to take off from LFPG and twice I have failed because the aircraft hits a bump on the taxiway and crashes.

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Just to point out that at LFPG the bridges(the ones that have roads beneath them) that have taxiways on them are not usable at all. You have to go almost full thrust to pass over them. Is that how its supposed to be or they need fixing?If someone else can confirm this i would appreciate


Indeed - each time I have taxied over these in a Cessna it has ended up on its back. :frowning:


Went to take off from here today and had some issues with the taxiways. I noticed on taxiway M that there were several abrupt elevation changes, I think I even went airborne on one, Then my Beach Baron was suddenly just swallowed up into the tarmac and i was sent back to restart. I then just decided to taxi around to see and much of the same elevation changes on other taxiways then I went over a bridge with yellow and black stripes on taxiway A I think and it took out my landing gear again causing me to restart. I guess I’ll fly elsewhere.




They are aware of this issue. Its good however to remind this here. Or even better open a ticket

Hello devs,

This bridge on taxiway M at Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) is a trap. Your aircraft will sink while taxiing and cause a crash.

I have not tested the other bridges ion taxiway B and D and on the runways, but it’s worth taking a look at them as well.

Hi @Abriael

To make sure the devs see this issue, please file a Bug Report on Zendesk. Include a detailed description of your bug including your aircraft, taxiway and the direction of taxi as well as your image. If you happen to test the other bridges in the future please add your results to the ticket as well

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Since @Abriael did not say whether or not he opened a case, I opened case #64983 as I encountered and reproduced this issue last night.

I did, but two is better than one.

@Abriael, please try to respond back to the thread with the bug number so we limit the duplication in Zendesk.

I believe it was 57199

The taxiways by the underpasses act like invisible, sometimes visible, ramps. I got destroyed at 30 knots taxi speed. De Gaulle is Asobo’s pride, so i am a little confounded. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t seem possible to fly, or even taxi, under any bridge, or overpass.

I don’t have a lot of experience with custom payware airports, but I’ve seen some videos of those that looks like they have them. I would guess that they don’t work either, and this is a limitation of the engine, that the visible separation of bridge, and ground, is cosmetic only.

Mine also…I submitted a bug report to Zendesk, you should too.

Hi, has there been any progress on this bug?

I have found a problem on the taxi way but don’t want to create a new bug ticket if they are already aware of the issues.

Here is where I had the problem:

This is a different location to the one I filed.

Better open its own Zendesk, because it’s a different place. I haven’t checked if it was fixed yet.

Ok, I will open a separate ticket for this.


just died at this taxiway in the longitude

Can’t pass the bridge on taxiway G.
I already report from day 1 but nothing happen.