Chat in game MSFS2020

How it happened in general and why everyone is satisfied with the fact that in an online game in which it is possible to fly with friends online, it is possible to fly by common routes, it is possible to see each other, but there is no way even to write greetings in the chat and tell your route to a friend, it is not clear. undoubtedly going online, the first thing that is necessary for the game is the communication of the players with each other, since online simulates a living environment of communication. at the present time, it seems that we are still flying in the simulator of the last century offline, we see each other, but we cannot say anything, therefore we have to use third-party resources discord vatsim ivao and other resources, this is a shame and this is a completely different level I’m talking about the initial level the minimum necessary and the same minimum as the built-in dispatcher from which you do not hear procedural commands, permissions and recommendations to your friend, who is standing at the same airfield with you, and this really causes boredom and loneliness. There is no point in being online like that. please pay attention to the online industry any online game contains a chat - this is the first task that is required from online. Let it be at least textual, this will be enough.
Please pay attention to the chat, it is not inside the simulator, although there is the possibility of adding friends and this is logical because in an online game we are the first to communicate between players, at the present time this happens due to third-party resources, this is not normal for an online game. add chat to the game.

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You can chat through the windows game bar [WIN + G].


You should create this as a wishlist so that people can vote on them.

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Simple solution


Give you both text and audio chat, under your control on your own Discord server, or under a group, on a group run Discord Server.

Then there are some open Public Discord servers, where its can be a free-for all.


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OK. But how to be if I do not want to create a Discord and a group, why not enough that I have acquired a simulator. I bought it for money, why should I buy something else or register on third-party sites and think how to organize communication with my friend through third-party programs? Why this should not work out of the box as in other online games, what’s wrong with this online game? I think, analyzing the market for online games, which is why the level of sales of this game is too low, unlike other online games. Simplicity and availability This is what is not in the community.

I think not everyone can do it. For example, my game was purchased from Steam and this does not mean that your overlay or additional third-party software will work.

Because that’s the way it is, which ends up being the most flexible.

I just suggested an option… take it or leave it … or

(1) Submit a ZenDesk ticket
(2) Open up a WISH thread here.
(3) Whatever

Many use Discord, and seem happy enough with that as a flexible and controllable solution.

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