ChatGPT and ATC or interactive Co-pilot

My understanding is that MS pretty much own ChatGPT AI. Incorporated into Bing.

The simple question since it can do voice, will we see integration so we can interact with ATC or have a assisting Co-Pilot going through checklist on demand.

Apologies if this came up… Search (ironically) didn’t work for me

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I searched for “ChatGPT ATC” and this was the first link:


Actually ChatGPT is perfect for generation flight plan recommendations and tech questions about the plane operation.
For example I asked here “recommend a plane and scenic route to fly around Geneva this time of year”
answer: " If you’re looking for a scenic route to fly around Geneva, I would recommend the following:

Plane: Cessna 172 or Piper PA-28


  1. Depart from Geneva International Airport (LSGG)
  2. Fly towards the south-west, following the shore of Lake Geneva. Admire the beautiful scenery of the lake and the surrounding mountains.
  3. Continue flying towards the west, passing by the towns of Montreux and Vevey.
  4. Turn north and follow the Rhone river towards the town of Martigny. The river valley offers stunning views of the Swiss Alps.
  5. Fly east along the Swiss-French border, passing by the towns of Chamonix and Annecy. Admire the majestic peaks of Mont Blanc and the surrounding mountains.
  6. Turn south towards Geneva and descend for landing.

This route will take you approximately 2 hours to complete and will give you an unforgettable view of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva. It’s important to note that you should always check local weather conditions and air traffic regulations before embarking on a scenic flight."

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If we actually had Voice Recognition ChatGPT-ATC,used for ATC Control, can you imagine the type conversations that will take place chatting with an AI based ATC ? Don’t forget, we have FA18’s and Others Buzzing Aircraft all over the place, just having a gaming ball. Can you imagine the fun they will have with the AI based ATC ?.. Doubt this would be a good solution for ATC inside MSFS.

Might be good for creating a reasonable flight plan though !

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I did add that at the end - because search was just hanging for me. Oh the irony. A question about search wasn’t searchable.

I was pretty sure someone it must have come up. Although I went a bit further so no harm :+1::white_check_mark:

That’s amazing, can imagine a version being integrated into the SIM even if just for that.

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