Chinese Localization

I hope Microsoft will not forget the expectations of Chinese people for Microsoft and join the Chinese interface as soon as possible. thank you!


To those who bought XSX/XSS in China, this might be the first time he or she playing Flight Sims game. Please don’t let us miss the last call on 7/27.

Add Chinese language support please, it supports the FS gamer community in China also other Asia country.


Just like the post author said, there are many Chinese players looking forward to Chinese-Lang support. We expect Microsoft to respond this vote , Thx !!!


Please including the unicode support.


Please don’t ignore Chinese players. We really want Chinese language support.


I’m from Taiwan, and really looking forward to this game! Hope we can play it in Traditional Chinese!


We Need Chinese!!!


As a Mainland Chinese player, I request the Chinese localization in the terms of Menu Page, Settings Page and Map Page(for Mainland China, HK, Macao, Taiwan and some region naming location in Chinese Characters, for instance, Japan.
As for ATC, there is a Chinese standard ATC phraseology better to be translated by Chinese Community.

By the way, the Tutorials are highly recommended to translate to Chinese to welcome the new pilots from China and more other newbies speaking Chinese.


Thank you for this post. These are the type of posts the developers need where it details what you/users want to see changed, added or deleted.



We know there are some technical term will be hard to translate.

Actually if can just add the Chinese support(both Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese will be great) to basic UI(menu、lesson program、map)will be enough for most player. It could help the newbie won’t feel panic when they open the game first time.

The technical term can be learned from the lesson, and I believe most newbie will only want to flight to see some landscape or auto-mode to just enjoy the sky.

Thanks for listening to the community.


I’m also curious if metric alt system could integrated into ATC in Chinese. If so it’ll be great improvement on flying under the China RVSM


Chinese localization is really needed by us Chinese-speaking simmers.
We could understand English but it’ll be nice to see the sim in our native language.

There’s a more important issue that the dev team need to be aware of:
Unicode support for non-English languages including simplified Chinese. Otherwise the flight plan will be all scrambled and you can’t even enter the sim for photogrammetry locations such as New York or London.


Indeed, the unicode problem is a more urgent issue yet remains unresolved nor heard of after almost 1 year after the release of the game…come on, I mean, not everyone is using an EN os, especially since Asobo is a French company!


I agree with you.


Thank you very much


Hi @CsyCN,
You as the topic creator, can edit your first post and link one or two other posts that details what should seen by the developers.

I like:

Those 2 posts detail what the developers should know. Especially about the unicode support.

You can edit your first post and put those 2 links in it as a reference. I’m writing this a suggestion, you can pick what you want. :wink:


If the team needs, I can provide the official with the latest simplified Chinese text file


Submit that as feedback through Zendesk by selecting “I want to share my feedback or request a new feature”.

@CsyCN :slight_smile:
This would also be a good one to put on the first post. The first post is important as that is generally what is read.


First of all, I’d like to thank asobo for paying attention to the voice of the players and being willing to grow up with them.

“Microsoft simulated flight” is a game that explodes the circle of simulated flight. Since the beginning of game promotion, players all over the world are looking forward to it. Excellent picture quality, charming landscape and advanced platform enable players all over the world to enjoy the same sky at this moment, and Chinese players are no exception.

But for various reasons, it is not easy for Chinese players to play this game, but these difficulties have not obliterated a large number of Chinese players’ enthusiasm for this game. As far as I know, now in China’s simulated flight community, “Microsoft simulated flight” has always been a hot topic, every Chinese model

Flying players are paying attention to the dynamics of MSFS, and more people express their support for asobo and MSFS in the form of buying games.

But in the process of playing, we also encountered many difficulties

First, it’s the non Unicode programming language. When Chinese players fly in MSFS, they must first change the non Unicode programming language from simplified Chinese (China) to English (the United States). Otherwise, there will be various bugs in the game, which will affect the game experience. However, after the change, other software will come out

Now the situation of garbled code, affect the daily use of the computer. Hopefully asobo can fix this.

Second, the language of the game. Many Chinese players’ English level is not very good, after entering the game, players who can’t understand English can’t move in the game, and it’s difficult to have a good game experience. Hope to have the option of “Chinese language” in the game like other languages.

We also have many expectations for MSFS, such as:

  1. Landscape. We know that you have many difficulties and limitations in doing Chinese landscape. We also know that asobo treats MSFS like a child of its own. We hope it will get better and better. If MSFS can show the famous urban landmarks and natural scenery in China (such as Guangzhou tower),

Fix the chromatic aberration and missing of satellite images, then the world update puzzle will be more complete and the game will be better.

  1. ATC consistent with CAAC standard. We know it’s not easy because the way of ATC will change with different standards. If necessary, players in China are willing to work with asobo to help complete it!

I believe that by improving the above points, we can greatly improve the game experience and reduce the threshold of the game, so that more new people can join the MSFS family and fly together in this sky!

Finally, I would like to thank asobo again for giving the majority of players the opportunity to express their feelings. I wish asobo and MSFS better and better!


Hi @CsyCN

Could you mention the Traditional Chinese request in the topic as well?
I think support both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese can help more player in the world.

Thank you.