Chinese Localization 游戏会加入简体/繁体中文吗

Many chinese players want to have chinese,I hope Microsoft can make chinese,Thank you very much.


There are also many friends in China who fly in the sky, but it doesn’t mean that everyone can fully understand English, so please update the built-in Chinese to a stage where you can use it directly as soon as possible!


As the title shows, I led my team to translate the language into traditional Chinese. Chinese mainland game player is also very much. There is also a large demand for Chinese subtitles, so I ask the authorities to adopt my Chinese documents for release or publication.


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I even need to take photos with my mobile phone to translate the name plate of the instrument. The plane is flying, but I need tab to use Google, an English word. I even need to search for his explanation in the PDF course of aircraft major, which greatly affects the game experience and fun.

Although I understand English ,but I think Chinese is better.I hope Asobo can make Chinese for MSFS

unicode support chinese first