Chinese Localization

Many Chinese players want to have chinese,I hope Microsoft can make chinese,Thank you very much.
First of all, I’d like to thank asobo for paying attention to the voice of the players and being willing to grow up with them.

“Microsoft simulated flight” is a game that explodes the circle of simulated flight. Since the beginning of game promotion, players all over the world are looking forward to it. Excellent picture quality, charming landscape and advanced platform enable players all over the world to enjoy the same sky at this moment, and Chinese players are no exception.

But for various reasons, it is not easy for Chinese players to play this game, but these difficulties have not obliterated a large number of Chinese players’ enthusiasm for this game. As far as I know, now in China’s simulated flight community, “Microsoft simulated flight” has always been a hot topic, every Chinese model

Flying players are paying attention to the dynamics of MSFS, and more people express their support for asobo and MSFS in the form of buying games.

But in the process of playing, we also encountered many difficulties

First, it’s the non Unicode programming language. When Chinese players fly in MSFS, they must first change the non Unicode programming language from simplified Chinese (China) to English (the United States). Otherwise, there will be various bugs in the game, which will affect the game experience. However, after the change, other software will come out now the situation of garbled code, affect the daily use of the computer. Hopefully asobo can fix this.

Second, the language of the game. Many Chinese players’ English level is not very good, after entering the game, players who can’t understand English can’t move in the game, and it’s difficult to have a good game experience. Hope to have the option of “Chinese language” in the game like other languages.

We also have many expectations for MSFS, such as:

  1. Landscape. We know that you have many difficulties and limitations in doing Chinese landscape. We also know that asobo treats MSFS like a child of its own. We hope it will get better and better. If MSFS can show the famous urban landmarks and natural scenery in China (such as Guangzhou tower),

Fix the chromatic aberration and missing of satellite images, then the world update puzzle will be more complete and the game will be better.

  1. ATC consistent with CAAC standard. We know it’s not easy because the way of ATC will change with different standards. If necessary, players in China are willing to work with asobo to help complete it!

3.Menu and settings so that we can know how to change our settings easily.

4.ATC menu, we all know MFS’s ATC is the best ATC system in flight simulator, many pilots use it to have flight instead of connecting online services to communicate with tower. If you do that , it’s will be more easily to flight on the computer.

5.For landing challenges, it’s a good way to train ourselves ,so it’s necessary to translate it.
To help you and your team, I am happy to send a ZIP file which includes some Chinese players’ personal translating. I will send it in e-mail.(Be advised, it doesn’t work properly in the games now. If you install it in your game, game could be crushed.)
For unicode problems we only could change our computer’s language or many added scenery can’t work such as Japan and North Amercia.

6.It’s better to have traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese are

I believe that by improving the above points, we can greatly improve the game experience and reduce the threshold of the game, so that more new people can join the MSFS family and fly together in this sky!

Finally, I would like to thank asobo again for giving the majority of players the opportunity to express their feelings. I wish asobo and MSFS better and better!


There are also many friends in China who fly in the sky, but it doesn’t mean that everyone can fully understand English, so please update the built-in Chinese to a stage where you can use it directly as soon as possible!


As the title shows, I led my team to translate the language into traditional Chinese. Chinese mainland game player is also very much. There is also a large demand for Chinese subtitles, so I ask the authorities to adopt my Chinese documents for release or publication.



I even need to take photos with my mobile phone to translate the name plate of the instrument. The plane is flying, but I need tab to use Google, an English word. I even need to search for his explanation in the PDF course of aircraft major, which greatly affects the game experience and fun.


Although I understand English ,but I think Chinese is better.I hope Asobo can make Chinese for MSFS


unicode support chinese first


Chinese display will make me experience the game better


We Need Chinese!!!


I come from Taiwan.
I am waiting the console version.
Very looking forward to FS.

Many of my friends all would love to try this game but not everyone in here all speak English well.

After we saw Japanese version has been released. We know there should have some chance for other language too.

Please do the Chinese localization. Specially the Traditional Chinese, thanks.


we need chinese language.


I too come from Taiwan.
Looking forward to Microsoft Flight Simulator
Hope to support Chinese
Have fun and enjoy playing
Very helpful


Not only the player in Taiwan will need Chinese. Hope every region who use Chinese can stand up to vote. Although the we write the Chinese in different way. It’s Chinese.

I thinks it won’t be a big problem to support both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese at same time. The community can help!


If simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese as well as many airports and sceneries can be made and supported, I believe there will be a lot of Chinese players come to buy “Microsoft Flight Simulator”, right?


I think either Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese will work.


Don’t give up!
We will win!


We Need Chinese!!!


We Need Chinese!!!


There are many Chinese players, I hope Microsoft will not ignore this group


We Need Chinese!!!