UPDATE: DX12 COMING TO PC SOON --> (OLD POST: DX12 is NOT coming to PC on July 27. Xbox Will Get DX12 First, Then PC Later)

I was incorrect and quite surprised by the introduction of particle system improvements with the last update. I was previously led to believe it was an improvement associated with DX12.

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I’ve seen trees move in a storm today… Maybe it was already in, I’m not sure… but it really happens !

Trees have have been moving like that in strong winds, since back in 2020 versions.
If you look carefully, they do not actually BEND over their length, but instead ROTATE about a point.

Not so obvious in this video, but if you get close to a single tree, and can see where it is planted in the ground, as the tree ROTATES about a point somewhere on this trunk, you can see the place where it enters the ground, MOVE !!!


I have some pictures from a session where the weather went wrong, and there were something like 1200kt winds! The trees were horizontal.


Any news about when DX12 will touch down on PC?


No trace of DX-12 in the development updatelast recorded wishlist sais “2021” and “started” at #6:

#01 1697 votes | Implement Weather and Terrain APIs | Under Investigation | 2021-22
#02 1550 votes | Chinese Localization | Started | 2022
#03 1521 votes | Helicopters are a Must | Planned | 2022
#04 1420 votes | Multiple Screens Functionality | Started | 2021-22
#05 1255 votes | Replay Functionality Missing | Started | 2021
#06 1154 votes | DirectX12 | Started | 2021
#07 972 votes | Scenery Gateway System (Community Content) | Not Started | 2021

The fourth-most voted-on question in the upcoming Twitch Developer Q&A is, “Which Sim Update will have DirectX 12 support?”
So, I would expect that it will be answered when that gets rescheduled.
That being said, I expect that when they do implement it that not all of the benefits will be available on day 1. I expect that it will take a few sim updates.


what is the better part for DX12? Any xbox user could tell us now?

With the performance and fidelity we have now I’m willing to wait for DX12 for when it’s fully ready.


Does the xbox version already support ray tracing?

With Windows 11 being pushed out on Oct 5th, SU6 being slated for end of Oct and DX12 being listed as releasing 2021 and no more sim updates scheduled for 2021 are the stars aligning for DX12 as part of SU6 patch?

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I guess when they implement it, much more thinks will be broken an no longer work.
In comparision SU5 will be a walk in the park

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At least with DX12 they will have had months of it running on XBox before it comes to PC. Hopefully that can help mitigate any bugs when it comes to PC.

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Update today on Twitch that says they are done with DX12 and it is in testing phase. Due to be released soon, 2021.


DX12 will be optional to be sure it won’t break things on certain setup, you can disable and still using DX11 if you have issue in your setup (learned lessons from SU5) They will remove the option DX11 until all people are not having issue with DX12.


What do we expect the impact of DX12 to be? Do you need RTX or newer GPU for DX12 to make a tangible improvement over DX11?

any DX12 compatible card should work although DX12.1 and DX12 Ultimate will have more features. As far as I know you need an NVme SSD and at least 4gb vram on your gpu to take advantage of direct storage (that’s if the sim supports it). For this PCIe4.0 is faster and more future proof but you’ll need a minimum B550 mainboard to take full advantage otherwise it will be restricted to PCIe3.0 speeds (which are still lightning fast). Or you could hang on for PCIe5.0 which is in the making.

P3d v5 uses DX 12 and there was no downside and in fact the doubling of the frame rates was incredible on 1080Ti for VR!

I doubt ASOBO will be really extending the use of the newer API as they can’t even get what they have coded to work for a lot of people not to mention there is still a huge functionality gap between what FSX had and what MSFS has. Dont panic !

Direct Storage comes at no cost to those that don’t have it, they will actually see no difference to what they already have.

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Honestly, when MSFS is loading, it barely tickles my gen3 SSD. If it even got close to being bottlenecked by my gen3 drive, the loading performance improvement would have been so much improved that I don’t think I’d ask for anything more!

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