Update: DX12 coming to PC soon --> (Old post: DX12 is NOT coming to PC on July 27. Xbox Will Get DX12 First, Then PC Later)

Per the Q&A from Asobo and MSFS today – DX12 will not be on the PC on July 27 - however major performance improvements ARE coming on July 27. They cover this in today’s Q&A Performance update.

Lots of confusion on it, so thought I’d post here for those looking/expecting for DX12 on July 27.

They said DX12 will come “soon” but no exact date. So ray tracing, etc will NOT be here on July 27.


Yeah, I hope people get this information. I don’t mind waiting, since it was the FPS improvement that we wanted with DirectX 12. But we should be getting FPS improvements on July 27th so that’s what is really important.

I hope they take their time to get DirectX 12 right for PC. We want a stable sim for PC, so stability is important, after the FPS improvements in Sim Update 5.


Agreed - the whole reason I posted this is because when people hear this news they’re gonna be upset – because they think DX12 = better performance. But Asobo showed a massive improvement on an i7 series chip on 4k with the performance updates coming July 27. Xbox Series X will get the DX12 love first. No big deal, as long as it’s coming.




4K at 40% render scale though, so actually less than 1080p (which would be 50%).
That probably makes it more CPU bound and thus shows a bigger improvement than it would at 100% scale – which the 2070 Super used wouldn’t handle.

Remains to be seen how it performs on other systems and in other cases, but it sure looks like a great boost when CPU bound in photogrammetry cities.


Seb has a 2060 super, not the 2070 super.


Im quite happy that they don’t have the fastest machines. Forces the developer to just squeeze a bit more out of the code.


DX12 coming together with Windows 11? That would be… i dont know

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DX12 for MSFS only on W11? Smart move MS

There is better support for DX12 in Windows 11. On Xbox they have to handle only one target gpu which is well known. On windows you have a lot of different cards supporting different subversions of dx12. That adds complexity and therefore perhaps is a bit early on end of July. Perhaps the new windows 11 features can reduce this complexity. Who knows…


Okay what is now important, the FPS improvements or DX12? Well if they are bringing these impressive performance optimizations but on DX11, honestly as end user I don’t care which DX version as long I can enjoy fast and stutter free sim


This news is puzzling me a little as a developer because Microsoft is generally promoting the use of their APIs so that you could benefit from code-once/deploy-many paradigm and gaming everywhere, in this case, code once and use on Xbox + PC.

Actually even DX12U is now having this new implementation which is decoupling the API from the OS so that you can deploy DX12U games on more OS version (meaning on older Win10 versions - maybe 1909 or before IIRC)

So if the Xbox version is the same as the PC version, which seems to be what was said in different Q&As, this is making me wondering what is the road block from a technical perspective to not shipping same DX12 code as well.

For example Is it a PC driver problem which is not yet solved (like AMD = ok but missing in Nvidia for the time being), or something else? Or is it possible the Xbox version will be using D11on12* at launch instead?

*a lib to run DX11 games over DX12 APIs without changing the game code. Not as efficient as using DX12 directly but helps in the interim ( GitHub - microsoft/D3D11On12: The Direct3D11-On-12 mapping layer )


Thats quite often the case with game devs. A mate of mine is a lead programmer on GTA at Rockstar North and they’ve generally only got mid ranged PC’s there as thats the most common set up for what they’re coding for.


Yes. We also want stability. So I don’t care if they take their time to port DirectX 12 to PC. Just make it stable.

Meanwhile, we will all benefit from the FPS improvement on July 27th.


Agreed!! DX12 will bring ray tracing for those of us who have RTX 3000 series so I’m excited for that, but it’s not end of the world if we don’t get it in July.


Rather, it is surprising that a significant performance improvement is possible without DX12.
(I’m curious about the rendering scale…)

And will it improve even more with the arrival of DX12? (or Win11?)

Anyway, Let’s see what happens.


I am sure they have their reasons why DX12 isn’t launching on PC on July 27 – maybe they’re still working on things like ray tracing and other effects?

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This could be, and I’m not judging, I’m genuinely wondering what is preventing using the same DX12 code from the Xbox version on the PC version. For example if there is no RT on Xbox at launch, ok, no RT on PC either until implemented, but here the issue seems a technical road block of some sort which I’m just curious about, because well, devs are curious about these things!


Excatly that is my point. Well if DX12 will enable them to implement ray tracing (which they are planning to do), then it is nice to have. The whole fuss around DX12 was because of the performance. As they said in the video, they had to re-optmize the engine which gave that big performance boost


agreed - not sure either. They definitely didn’t want to discuss it in detail on today’s Q&A so maybe more info will come soon. I’m still stoked for July’s SU5 though!

And particle effects will be here too!