Choppy / stuttering graphics

I just did a couple quick flights with 1.34.13. B747-8i at PHNL. (btw, I always shut down my machine and restart after downloading msfs files.) One was preset for takeoff, one was cold and dark. I see a tremendous improvement. It was not perfect, as there were still detectable stutters, even a little worse than at ,for example, KSEA in the non-beta. But I flew right over downtown Honolulu to Diamond Head then Pearl Harbor and back to the airport, flying very low and abruptly, trying to test the system. One thing I did notice at cold and dark startup at ramp 151, the tarmac did not fully load and I got out of the flight and back in. The scenery loaded ok the second time. Still work to be done, but a real step in the right direction for me!

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I’m wondering if Asobo is working to fix stuttering and choppy issue. I appreciate the updates of various problems of beta but i do not see any change on that is more important issue so far…
It is futile to fix all the other problems if we have a stuttering, freezing simulation,
the desire to use the simulator passes and I don’t want to go back to the previous version but I would like to see that the problems we report are resolved, especially those that create greater inconvenience.

In any case I extremely trust in Asobo and i hope that the next beta upgrade fix freezing and stuttering. Resolved this (that is prioritary), they can dedicate to fix the minor issues.


Update: (1.34.13)
I flew into KSEA after about an 8 hr flight. FPS was in the high 20’s on a 7900xt (running on high and ultra for most settings @1440p) at its worst, and the stuttering, while better than on .11 and .12, was still not acceptable. I had three times the performance on SU12 with no or very few stutters.

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Me three. I’m getting a bit concerned that it doesn’t have the “bug logged” tag yet. :grimacing:

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Yeah, I hear your concern. The last update, it was obvious they tried something for this problem. It just didn’t go far enough. Still, I’ve seen them launch things “not yet ready for primetime,” starting with the initial launch, and each time I’ve hoped they learned their lesson, I see it is obvious they have not. Here’s for hoping!

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

I get about 10 FPS worse performance in VR with SU13 Beta. It is inconsistent and a little hard to recreate exact steps.

I previously left the beta because performance was not great, but SU12 would then give me CTD issues (which I’ve never got before) plus I had a missing toolbar that needed some files manually removed to restore. I would guess that leaving the SU13 beta does not restore back to a good SU12 unless all is wiped/reinstalled, so I ended up rejoining the beta again. The comparison between SU12 and SU13 beta is pretty clear in terms of stutters/low FPS. Specs: i9/9900K, 32GB, Nv3080Ti, DX12, driver 537.13, WMR Reverb G2.

Going to try to us DX11 :upside_down_face: just to see if it is any better.

EDIT: Using DX11 seems to help so far (on a single flight, so n=1 sample), so perhaps worth a try for anyone else.

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

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One observation made in another section was that even as the FPS are low and there are stutters, the utilization of the GPU and CPU are low. I checked it out, and sure enough…I have noticed my CPU (Ryzen 5800x) is in the 20’s percent utilization with higher temps than I’d like, and my GPU (7900 xt) is in the low 40’s. In a way, I’d feel better if my system was more taxed than it is.

So thankful I got out of the beta. SU13 beta is not good re: performance - the microstutters are so bad. :frowning:
Fair to say the latest beta push didn’t fix it?

Yes, fair to say it did not fix it. For me, the latest push was better than the first 2, but still a lot of improvement to go…

After update to 1.34.14, performance has seemed to improve, with utilization about the same. I did another spin around Honolulu with the 747. FPS was about 49 and utilization was about 40 pct (7900xt @1440p@165Hz, Ryzen 5800x. Still not acceptable, but smoother and the stutters were much less frequent and shorter in duration. I will try it out of KSEA tomorrow and see if that makes a difference.

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In my case I don’t know if performance have improved after 1.34.14 but stutters introduced in SU13 are gone. Ryzen 5 3600, RTX2060 Ultra

I agree with this. The latest .14 beta appears to solve the stutters for me too. So far, I’m happy with .14.

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Update after todays unannounced update… 1.34.14 KSEA ,747 I only got about 32 fps, but the colors seemed more vibrant and the stutters were rare. With the card I have, the FPS should be better, even with the demanding settings I have set. I still deem it as unacceptable, but going in the right direction. Before the Beta for SU 13, I was getting anywhere from 60fps to 120 fps. Yes, mileage will vary, blah, blah, blah…

I took a flight today with the new version 1.34.14. Wow… The stuttering is almost completely gone. The freeze disappeared. The black screen disappeared. For the moment we are in the right direction, at least for me. Great Asobo. I had no doubt. The FPS are the same as the stable version, but I didn’t expect anything in this direction.
I’ll make other attempts in the next days, i will see if the behavior will be confirmed. But for the moment i am happy

I hope the final version of this beta will be better. I trust Asobo


I have made several flights with different aircraft and I confirm that stutters, freezes and black screens (with Reverb G2) have almost disappeared, so far, and the flight is smooth as butter even near large airports and with photogrammetric scenarios (see Rome).
Good job Asobo. Now I can enjoy this amazing simulator

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

I’ve had a few days on beta .14 now having switched directly from the pre-beta release after the slow startup fix. In sim performance is clearly degraded compared to live release. Flying the Fenix A320 I’m seeing obviously increased stuttering especially around airports, even on the ground. Sometimes it turns into a slideshow. It was not this bad before. Previous to beta there was sometimes stuttering at airports but only minor and not too inconvenient, now it’s really unpleasant.
7800X3D 64GB RAM 3060 12GB VRAM SSD using 1080p TAA Ultra. It’s a system which really shouldn’t be rendering at 2fps. I haven’t changed any driver versions etc. 16GB rolling cache on ramdisk, starts from empty every reboot.

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

if this is a relatively high end PC. what do you consider an ABSOLUTELY high end PC? :smiley:

Having left the BETA, I’ve now returned and can confirm smooth flying conditions for me.

That long pause has now gone.

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is this beta better than SU12?

Define better. And did you mean SU12? That was a long time ago, the current release version is from AAU2 if I remember correctly.

SU13 beta has quite a few improvements over AAU2 but the only one that I consider important for my normal use is the white dot/white boxes fix. You might find one of the many other changes to be valuable to you.

On the other hand the stuttering around airports is significantly worse for me and that’s a very significant downside. As a result for me I find SU13 beta to be overall worse than AAU2.

The good news is that the final release of SU13 has just been announced as delayed by a week, so fingers crossed they get on top of the performance degradation before it goes mainstream.