Cirrus clouds

Oh Cirrus how we miss you so,

Wispy legends will never show,

Thin cloud so high in the sky,

Microsoft removed, why oh why?

Please do not provide just stretched texture,

We ask so kindly of this gesture,

Variety by noise is fine you see,

As long as the cirrus are finally set free!

um, okay, haha.

For just a second I thought, “Wait? They pulled the SR22 from the lineup?” lol!


Love the forum poetry

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Sorry I don’t understand your banter.

Please elucidate lucidly, longingly and lovingly.

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Ah Cirrus! How I love thee,
Let me count the ways,
One 1000, 2 1000, 3 1000

Ah dang it, autopilot is SNAFU again.


don’t, never ever, trust electronic devices ! hahaha.

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we need Cirrus clouds… it’s weird, a sim of this quality don’t show any cirrus cloud layers when in fact we can see them even in FS2004.


The weather system as it is incomplete and inferior to FSX
I understand cirrus clouds are hard to implement with their volumetric tech, but they don’t have to be volumetric, 2D textures would be fine.
We need to make Asobo understand that these are very important features missing, especially the visibility


Even 2d cirrus would be better than nothing a this point. Is there an improvement planned at all?


I also miss them. Perhaps they’re thinking they need to go all out and simulate all sorts of halos as well? :smiley:

That would be awesome, but very overkill and borderline impossible to do in a way that is both accurate and performant. (Adding them manually would be inaccurate as we don’t understand all halos fully, and simulating wouldn’t be performant.)

Cirrus and cirrostratus would be nice to have to make the skies look more realistic, though.

They said the whole weather system was being redone, it would be awhile but it will be the bestest weather system you ever dun saw. We’ll see.

after almost one long year since initial release we still dont have the cirrus clouds.

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Did they say that, or did they say ‘live weather’ was being redone? From my memory it was the live weather system they were referring to and not the visual representation of clouds

Im pretty sure they said the entire weather system. Clouds are part of the weather we’ll see Im sure its months away still.

This has been marked as completed in some other threads suggesting votes have been merged into this topic (?) or cirrus clouds are about to be put in. Some kind of clarification from mods would be nice.

P.S. Epic OP. Tried to give it the like it deserved but couldn’t see any button for it…?

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The other cirrus cloud request post had 259 votes.

That’s a Developer Q&A question.
For some reason, a lot of people have voted for that question but not this Wishlist topic.