Citation CJ4 AP alt button stuck in "on" position

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Altitude hold button stuck in “on” position, plane will not climb or descend automatically when altitude is set.
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can provide at a later time

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set altitude, engage AP & alt hold, plane will not climb or descend. Have to use VS switch to manually climb/descend.

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AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 32 GB 3200MHz RAM, Nvidia 1070ti FE, game installed on HDD.

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most recent build (installed game this week)

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The CJ4 is not like the A320neo, you need to enter the Vertical Speeds manually for the plane to climb or descend using the wheel.

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As mentioned, you need to program the AP and tell it what you want it to do.

Select your altitude, if you are climbing, best to use Flight Level Change (FLC) mode and then dial in the speed you want to maintain during the climb.

To Descend, enter VS, and then dial down the FPM you want to decrease, also no autothrottle so manage your speed going down.

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Thanks for the tip. I find this to be so weird because on some flights when I change the alt the plane just climbs/descends automatically…maybe that itself is a bug? Or maybe I’m missing something…could be AI co-pilot picking it up for me, but I have pretty much all the assists turned off.

I’ve been flying the CJ4 exclusively for the past 106 hours, and it’s worked perfectly everytime so I suspect something else is going on.

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I’ll take your word for it. Thank you for the assist. Trying to log a good bit of hours in this aircraft myself, so much fun to fly. If you’re ever flying in the northeast US hit me up!

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appreciate you

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Will do, I primarily fly on the east coast, just doing a trip out west, flew into KLAS last night heading to CYVR tonight. Fly mainly on VATSIM during the week.

On the weekends I’m flying smaller GA offline.

Very nice. My local is KHPN if you’re ever in the area!

@Craxxenn If you don’t mind, and respectfully, I’m really curious about something. People have had this problem before and I really don’t understand the mindset. Why is it that some people assume that all planes work the same way?

Is it because there is this idea that it’s a video game and in that context they just have a gamer mindset that all vehicles are the same? Or is it something else? I would really appreciate a serious answer.

Forgot to ask, are you using the Stock Asobo CJ4, or the WorkingTitle mod?

It definitely seems that APs operate similarly between aircraft, but each of them have their differences.

Case in point, I bought the HJet last week, and immediately thought it it was “junk” because the autopilot seemed non-functional. Then I found a thread here which mentions that you have proactively hit the FD (Flight Director) button before doing anything, and that fixed everything. The CJ4 and Longitude (and others) have FD activated by default.

There are still some minor differences between say the Longitude and the HJet, but pretty easy to figure it out. (BTW, the HJet aka “HondaJet” is an excellent aircraft if you’re looking for something new. $25 in the Store.)

Well the principles of Autopilots are similar but from @Craxxenn and others’ posts, there seems to be this belief among a minority of players that an A320 systems work the same as the CJ4 and the Cessna and every other plane. In other words, like he explains above, if you want to tell the autopilot to do something you do the exact same thing in all aircraft, which we know is not true.

I’m just trying to understand why some people make that assumption. I really can’t fathom it.

stock Asobo

To be honest I haven’t played MS FS since FSX in 2010, so I’m relatively new. Wasn’t very serious back then either. I thought I remembered the altitude button climbing/descending also but I could be wrong, which is why I came to the forums.

In my mind currently I was thinking that the AP was bugged, but after some kind discussion here I found that I was wrong. No biggie.

To be completely honest with you I don’t believe that all AP’s work the same, in fact I know they don’t. Just had a simple question and was answered just as simply. It’s a good thing this is a game/sim and not real world aviation.

Topic moved into Community Support.

The Bug Reporting section of the forum is for reporting confirmed bugs that can be replicated by others. :+1:

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noted, thank you!

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Interested in the HJet!

Do yourself a favor and install the Working Title Mod :slight_smile:

Just download, unzip, and place into the community folder. You still pick the same (only) CJ4 in the menu.

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I’ll take a look this evening! (because don’t we all browse forums at work? :wink: ) appreciate it friend!

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