CJ4 Community Mod by Working Title Released

Try getting the latest version v0.6.0 if you don’t have it already.

Thanks @dga711 and @DabullAir - affirm, I am on 0.6.0 - and I have this problem since the first version; my MFD never showed anything and I never could enter my ORIGIN nor DESTINATION in the FMS… in the earlier version I even had an error message.
I also get an error message when I try to enter a waypoint; “Doubles Found”.
However, this is not only in the CRJ4 - this happens in all planes…

It was exactly with 0.6.0, never saw it with 0.5.1

It was my bad, I didn’t switch on pitot heat and it was simply iced that time.

I’m having a hard time keeping up speed in the aircraft. I’m currently on my way from Rotterdam (RTM) to Vienna (VIE) at FL360, and the aircraft is struggling to maintain speed.

My ZFW is 11160lbs, and I took 3300lbs of fuel with me. Payload is 800lbs.
I’m currently cruising at FL350, and have a tailwind of roughly 28-29 knots.

My IAS is now 205, with an N1 of around 86-87%. From what I can see that’s even slightly beyond the climb detent. Whenever I move the throttles back to the cruise detent, I immediately lose speed to even a situation in which the aircraft stalls.
By the way, I use Simbrief in concert with K20017’s A/C profile to dispatch my flight.

I’m not sure whether this is caused by an inaccuracy in the sim or by my own fault.
Does anyone have any pointers? Thanks!

Ignore the detents, until we implement FADEC they will not be of any help. You will need throttle full forward for climb above 30k and cruise at whatever power setting gets you to your desired cruise speed. You can’t hurt the engine, it won’t exceed 100% N1 right now.


Check, thanks for clarifying!

i´m having a problem with the version 0.6.1.
The engine run stop buttons will always stay on “RUN”.
It is not possible to start the engines.

Have anyone an idea what is causing this problem?

Above FL260 use Mach number instead of IAS.

I updated the CJ4 from Profile page to ASOBO version 0.1.46. Now when I try to load the program it crashes before opening. If I remove CJ4 0.6.1 from community program loads OK. Tried putting CJ4 back in community, same problem. Any ideas?

I am on 0.6.1 and my run stop button was working until this evening. I am now experiencing the same issue. When I turn on the battery, the run stop button is already lit, even from a cold start.

Afaik this is usually caused by an (usb) controller that has an axis tied to Mixer/Fuel things.

Try to disconnect your controllers and it should work. So you have to check your input settings and unbind that.

Somehow Asobo connected Jet engine things to that setting too.

Hi all,

Head over to the latest thread to find our new version, 0.7.0!


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