CJ4 The Next Step

As I near closer to making the switch from the Twin Otter to the CJ4 I have started to get my home cockpit setup.

  • Sim Shaker For Aviators Jet Profile
  • SimBrief Profile
  • RAAS Professional Profile
  • FSRealistic Profile

The last step for the night was to get the Air Manage panels setup. Takes a bit of configuring with the pop outs and FancyZones but once it’s all setup it’s pretty slick.

The instruments and panels were created by Simstrumentation;

One of the coolest features is the auto dimming panels / instruments. As the day progresses in the sim to night the panels will start to dim accordingly.

Big shoutout to @Crunchmeister71 @FLRob27 @CaptainTick433 for making these panels and instruments.