CJ4 The Next Step

As I get closer to finishing out my Cargo contracts for the spring;

I am finalizing my plans for the summer.

I have been logging allot of hours, gaining experience and learning everything I can in preparation of the end goal which is to fly commercially with the Air Canada logo. At the end of a busy week I pulled the Baron out of the Hangar and headed to Southern Ontario to meet some potential new employers who can hopefully help me obtain that goal.

Up to now, I have completed the following;

C152 - 52 Hours
C172 - 36 Hours Steam / 36 Hours G1000
C182T - 82 Hours
G36 Bonanza - 36 Hours
G58 Baron - 58 Hours
Kodiak 100 - 53 Hours (Half of 106)
DHC6 - 33 Hours (20 to go for half of 106)

The next step is a small business jet which is where this trip comes into play. I am looking to fly the CJ4 for an executive charter around North America.

Departed CYTS with a first stop in CYXU

The Inco Superstack can be seen from any direction in the vicinity of CYSB.

Such a drastic change in landscape between Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario.

Heading into CYXU.

WestJet, the future competition!

The Diamond Flight Center

While Diamond Aircraft is a Chinese company, they also have operations in Austria and Canada, the Canadian one being based out of London Ontario. CYXU houses both the Diamond manufacturing plant as well as the Diamond Flight Center which is a flight school. Both of which are modeled in this scenery.

Executive Aviation (Ground handling company) was kind enough to lend my some parking space for the Baron while I met with a potential employer.

While the interview went well, I didn’t get the overall vibe that this was the organization for me. But, I still had one more interview so the trip was not for nothing yet.

Next, off to Toronto (CYKZ) to meet with FlighEXEC.

The Toronto skyline under a shadow of clouds.

Coming into Buttonville Airport!

Pulling up to FlightEXEC who offer private jet charters and vacations in Turboprops to full sized jets, along with everything in between.

This company pulled out the red carpet from start to finish. We met in their maintenance hangar and they were sure to have a freshly washed CJ4 on hand for show as that is what I had expressed interest in flying.

I told the owner if that’s the plane that will be assigned to me, I’ll sign on the dotted line now. Luckily for me they had the paperwork ready and were willing to play ball!.

Once I finish my cargo contracts and my hours this bird will be waiting for me here.

Can’t wait!

Chronological ordered links of my journey thus far can be found in my bio.


As I near closer to making the switch from the Twin Otter to the CJ4 I have started to get my home cockpit setup.

  • Sim Shaker For Aviators Jet Profile
  • SimBrief Profile
  • RAAS Professional Profile
  • FSRealistic Profile

The last step for the night was to get the Air Manage panels setup. Takes a bit of configuring with the pop outs and FancyZones but once it’s all setup it’s pretty slick.

The instruments and panels were created by Simstrumentation;

One of the coolest features is the auto dimming panels / instruments. As the day progresses in the sim to night the panels will start to dim accordingly.

Big shoutout to @Crunchmeister71 @FLRob27 @CaptainTick433 for making these panels and instruments.


With the Cargo contracts completed and my Twin Otter and Kodiak rented out to another cargo mover it was time to head South and start my new adventure flying for FlightExec in a CJ4.

I sent most of my stuff down with a moving company and then packed the last of my belongings into the Baron.

A few friends came out to wish me off on my new adventure.

Line up and take-off out of CYTS.

Nice sunset cruise into an almost full moon en route to CYKQ.

Weather held perfect onto final.

Parked the Baron near the College for the night, FlightExec has a hangar I can store it in but we’ll get that sorted out in the morning.

I have a few days to get settled in before meeting with the new boss and getting everything in order to fly the CJ4!

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After a few days in town and with orientation complete I am ready to get into the left seat of the CJ4! My first charter isn’t until next week but as a “welcome to the team” gift the boss gave me the nod to take the CJ4 back home to Timmins, pick up the family and bring them down to Toronto for a weekend get away.

As has been customary (by luck of the draw more than anything) my first flight was at night.

Getting to the hangar.

Got the plane outside and pre-flight checks completed / startup.

The flights allot shorter when you’re this high and fast!

First landing was a success! Park it here for the night before the family loads up and we head back South in the morning.

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Everyone was excited for their first ride in a private jet, including myself flying passengers for the first time!

Filling the tanks.

And shortly after, we were airborne.

The downtown Toronto skyline coming into view.

Coming over YYZ.

And before long we were final into CYKZ Billy Bishop.

Always a few Porter CJ4’s around.

Parked at the FBO for a weekend of fun in the big city!

After a fun weekend in the “Big Smoke” it was time to take the family back North and then get myself back to CYKP for the first charter,


With the start of the “work week” I headed out of CYKZ and flew south to KOPF. The school year has come to an end and, and with that, the grad parties have started.

First charter, a family heading from Florida to St. Martin!

Birds eye view at FL340!

Coming into KOPF, haven’t made this approach since the end of last winter.

Wasn’t able to secure a hangar so she’s getting a shower for the night.

The next morning was a beautiful day for flying.

And after a few hours we were making our way into TNCM over Maho beach!

Got the passengers unloaded, and grabbed a quick bite to eat and checked out the beach before I headed back out.

And did a bit of plane spotting.

Took off out of TNCM empty headed for KEYW.

The old hangar I kept my planes in while spending the winter down here.

Got the plane tucked away for the night, cleaned and restocked for tomorrow.

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We were back at it the next morning, pulled the plane out of the hangar and started preparations before the clients arrived.

Businessmen on their way to Chicago.

Everyone got settled in and shortly after we were rolling down the taxiway.


Routine flight and fairly smooth given it’s the “windy city”.

Food, re-fuel and then off to home base CYKZ for a few days off.

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Great job on the blog. Very nice!

The CJ4 (with the Working Title mods) is in my top 3 favorite aircraft. For quite a while, it was my “Number One” and I rarely flew anything else. I just wish it was big enough to justify thrust reversers like it’s larger cousin the Longitude. With Auto Throttle and Thrust Reversers, it was tempting, but the Working Title team did such a great job on the CJ4, it won me over :slight_smile:

That’s a nice livery they set you up with too :slight_smile: Have fun up there!

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Last week saw a full / tight itinerary for the CJ4 with the short week (Canada Day July 1st).

We started off out of CYKZ with a few business men heading to Calgary (CYYC).

After touchdown we taxied to the “Million Air” ramp, unloaded and then headed out empty over the mountains to Oakland (KOAK).

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The next morning I picked up a couple who were heading down to Puerto Vallarta (MPVR) to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

While they have enough money to charter a CJ4 and go anywhere they wanted, they met while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta so they wanted to head back.

A rainy departure, hopefully better weather ahead for the couple.

  • Citation 62 Sierra Kilo Papa has the traffic in sight!

And before long we were heading into MPVR.

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Unloaded, re-fueled and flew the last leg empty into the sunset to MMUN.

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The next morning a family of 4 loaded up, returning back to KDEN from a week of celebrating graduations in Cancun.

Unloaded them at Signature and then we were off for Vancouver (CYVR).

As per usual with BC, sunny and bright above the clouds, dark, grey and wet as we started our descent below them.

Parallel landings on Left and Right.

And home for the night!

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The next day was a light load, 1 PAX headed back to Anchorage Alaska (PANC). And while the sky didn’t lift completely over CYVR, it did lift enough to get a glimpse of the mountains while we taxied.

Holding short for Air Canada Express.

With another lining up behind us as we line up and wait.

The clouds gave us a few good peeks on the way up to FL420.

And Alaska gave us a few more!

A few of the big boys loading up at PANC.

Time for food and rest while the cleaning services get the jet ready for the next morning!

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The next morning we departed empty for Calgary (CYYC) to pick up the 4 PAX we originally flew out of Toronto (CYKZ) and return them, and us, home for the long weekend!

Hold Short, story of our life!

Line up and wait isn’t so bad when you have the silhouette of the mountains to look at.

Before long we were up in the air, getting a good look at Lake Hood and then the mountain ranges.

We spotted a cruise ship heading out of an Alaskan Fjord!

And before long, one mountain range was replaced by another as we headed into final at CYYC.

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A new day, with some of the same routine.

Hold Short
Line Up and Wait

You now the drill!

Oh and smile for the drone cam!

And a nice golden, hazy arrival over “the big smoke” into our home base, Buttonville Municipal (CYKZ).

Pulled into our lot and wouldn’t you know it, you go away for 1 week and someone steals your spot!

Routine maintenance weekend for the CJ4 but I’ll be heading back North to CYTS to see the family for Canada Day, but first, I need to make a special stop (will link post).

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What I will be up to on the weekends for awhile!

Last week saw a few familiar airports and a few new ones.

To change things up, I have been flying exclusively on VATSIM, which I have not done in quite sometime (and almost forgot how amazing it is). I don’t see me going back to offline ATC anytime soon and think I’ll grab a PilotEdge subscription as well for the West coast trips.

First stop out CYKZ was into Halifax Stanfield (CYHZ) which brings you over the Bay of Fundy! The Bay of Fundy is actually 1 of the 7 wonders of North America with the highest tides on earth, the rarest whales in the world as well as dinosaur fossils.

Shortly after we were onto final and on the ground.

After a brief break (Unload, clean, re-fuel, re-load) and we were back in the air chasing the sunset on our way to Washington (KDCA)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, if you take a look out the right window you will see Air Canada 385 challenging us to a race. I have switched the seatbelt sign back on because things are about to get real!

We lost :frowning:

After a long / busy taxi we made our way to Signature for the night.

As I wasn’t scheduled to fly out until the next afternoon that left the morning free for some sightseeing!

First stop was the Washington monument with an airliner flyby.

Next up, the white house, and luck was on our side as Marine One was there!

The Pentagon!

I believe, this is the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, but someone please correct me if I am wrong.

A few more quick snaps of the Washington Memorial and then it was back to the Airport!

We took off out of Washington and made a short flight into Chicago Exec, (KPWK).

A quick turn around, and we were back in the air, this time headed for Teterboro!

Spotted another Canadian carrier as we rolled out of Signature in Chicago.

Goodbye Chicago, Hello New York (and New Jersey).

Signature was buzzing with people as we landed but they were not for us as we were done for the day. Which means, more site seeing!

The skyline does not dissapoint!

Hopped on a ferry to check out lady liberty!

Back on terrafirma, paying our respects at the 9/11 memorial pools and the survivor tree.

Lastly we hit up Broadway to take in the lights and sounds (and yes, the sounds really are there right down to the honkey as you get to street level).

New Yorkers must be big fans of MSFS, billboards everywhere!

With the sun set back lighting the clouds over NYC it was time to get back up in the air! This time off to KTLH.

We overnighted in Tallahassee and then were delayed even further. Finally that evening we were rolling back out and on our way to KBUF.

Behind schedule but we were soon back up in the air, headed for home base CYKZ.

Tucked away for the weekend as we rolled out the 310R to head North for a fishing trip!