Kodiak Cargo Ops

Since making the trip back home to CYTS

I have been flying cargo out of Timmins and the surrounding areas up to the James / Hudson bay coastal communities.

I have made these trips countless times in real life in Dash 8 - 100 / 300’s as well as a Hawker, and a few types of helicopters.

Aside from Moosonee which is accessible via rail, and a winter road from Cochrane (depending on the winter season) these communities are cutoff from access other than air and water (again, seasonal). As well as a winter road between them.

As you can imagine, this type of remote living makes things we take for granted everyday a real logistical challenge. And the prices of goods reflect that.

I’ve seen at the Northern Store a jug of milk going for $20 as an example.

These aren’t places I would necessarily want to live, but they are pretty amazing to visit and see at least once.

A full load ready to leave CYTS

Enroute to first stop, CYPO

Weather taking a turn as forecasted (alternate filed and planned for)

Heading down to minimums, waiting for the field to come into site

Field in site (snow covered, frozen gravel strip)


Unloading half the plane, the other half is going to CYMO

And here is a real life approach into CYPO, this approach was over the Winisk River onto Runway 29, while mine was 11.


With the light fading fast, it was time to head out of CPYO to drop off the last of the load into CYMO.

Back Taxing to Runway 11

Nice view of the Winisk river on departure

Landed into CYMO, dropped the rest of the load and then a short hop back down to CYTS


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The next run, we left empty from CYTS to CYYU where we picked up a load headed to CYMO

Beautiful approach into CYMO with Moose Factory (island in the middle) in site. The frozen moos river running on either side serves as an ice road to Moosonee (CYMO on the left).

In the distance, you can see historic James Bay which connects to Hudson Bay.


Very cool. Love it.

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Nice pictures !

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very nice, i like it :slight_smile:

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It’s been a busy week running full loads daily up North and with the clear warm skies for the day decided to head out on some personal business.

Heading out of CYTS behind Air Canada Express Dash-8. Absolute love AIG for bringing this traffic into the regional airports.

Normally the Kodiak is filled with boxes so today I brought a friend along. She wasn’t very chatty and her overall attitude was much like her hair style. Uptight.

First stop of the day was into CYAM, Algoma Steel on the left, along with the International bridge connecting Sault Ste. Marie Ontario to Sault Michigan. And the Windfarms on the right.

After landing in CYAM we made our way over to the hangar to check out a Twin Otter.

Papers signed, cheque handed over and after a bit of maintenance and a paint job she’s all mine. I’ll come back in a month or so to pick her up and bring her back North!

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Next we took off out of CYAM and headed to CYSB

The departure took us along the St. Marys river and over the International bridge.

It was nice to see a ship heading down the St. Marys. This ship would have been coming out of Lake Huron, through the St. Marys and headed into Lake Superior but will require a trip through the Soo locks first.

On final into CYSB.

Parked for a few hours while we went to grab some wings on the patio!

After dinner, we headed back to the airport and got ready to head for home (CYTS).

Getting out ahead of Porters Q400!

Departing CYSB, it’s a nice place to be from! (where I was born).

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Was a beauty evening flight back into CYTS!

Approach into CYTS. Lot’s of traffic on 655 with the powerline corridor running parallel to it. Love this add-on with the wires!

Landed safe and soundly

With enough time to Watch the Leafs lose! (While my Bruins won this afternoon).

Back to the Cargo Grind tomorrow!

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A few more runs,

From CYTS to CYPO you fly over the De Beers Canada Victor Mine which was the first Diamond Mine in Ontario and second in Canada.

Mine was operational from 2008 - 2019.

De Beers chartered a Dash 8 from Air Creebec to fly staff in and out, I use to go in regularly in the early years as I setup allot of the IT infrastructure for the company I was working with at the time.

Pretty cool place and the Northern Lights were spectacular.

Beautiful sunsets over the muskeg

I know there are two camps when it comes to REX, those who love and those who hate, and to each their own. But Love Weather Force + AccuSeasons.

Live weather shows this place as all green like it’s the middle of July. Rex has some nice brown tones still as it’s early spring and just a few skiffs of snow here and there which is to be expected this time of year in the bush.

Love the scenery coming in.

Approach into the gravel runway.

A quick unload before we’re off again.

Sunset departure with views of the Winisk river.

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Final flight in the Kodiak for awhile.

Hands down the most fun plane to fly, and most complete. Flew it down to Sault Ste. Marie where I reached 53 hours on it.

Now to pick up the Twin Otter!

Popping out of the clouds to be greeted by an airliner passing by

Landed at CYAM, ready to head into the hangar after the Twin Otter comes out.