I haven’t tried to fly in montainous area yet but costal area would really improve if cliffs were added.

L’oiseau blanc monument at Etretat.

Etretat’s golf course leaking on the cliff.

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yes, cliffs and waterfalls

It’s already reporting on zendesk and forum.


Generally the higher resolution DEM will conform more closely with the higher resolution coastline. When the DEM is lower resolution than the coastline theres a high potential for mismatch resulting in cliffs, water running uphill, roads not flat along mountainsides, etc.

My data is ready, just waiting for the DEM part of the SDK to have information other than TODO.

Correct me if I am wrong:
The coastline resolution is about having the sea matching the real coastline shape (more segments) but the heights and the steepness of coastline’s cliffs isn’t impacted.
I think I have spotted a bug to illustrate this:

59°59’33.5"N 1°19’32.6"W

Those are lakes in the Shetlands islands, whose cliffs seems pretty convincing, but I think they are in the wrong place.
Since the coastline’s cliffs are missing, my hypothesis is that those lakes have the right altitude, but the general level of the lands is too low, thus no coastline cliffs and cliffs around those lakes.

Or just altitude mismatch idk:
60°15’18.5"N 1°17’31.6"W

Or maybe, the Shetlands are broken:
60°21’02.2"N 1°18’25.3"W

Even in the handcrafted add-on airports like Innsbruck the important steep Martinswand is completely missing. Same LOD problem like with cliffs.