Cloud Lighting VIDEO comparison, August 2020 build vs Simupdate 5

Brief description of the issue:
The lighting and shadowing of the aircraft in and near clouds is less realistic in SU5 (Too light, looks overexposed). In the old version I remember being amazed by the feeling of going into a raincloud as everything turned quite dark in the cockpit. This effect is greatly decreased now both externally and internally.

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I have to the best of my ability tried to recreate the same weather, time, location and heading settings as a video I took in August last year (2020).
I think it’s quite a dramatic difference in how the old build lighting is much more dynamic. I think this is a downgrade - but you judge for yourself.

So here are the comparison videos:

First The old August 2020 Build:

Compared to SU5:

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i510600K RTX3070

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MS Store

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I was gonna ask “do you have the Light Shafts setting to the same level in both cases?”, and I just saw that the old optimization guide listed the feature as “broken with SU5”.

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Interestingly, there seems to be a lot more wing flexing going on in the SU5 video.

Yeah the video of the old version was, of course, from last year and I cannot remember the settings for it. Probably “High” setting.