Cloud textures pixelated and grainy

Hey guys, what about these strange lines in the sky during sunrise ?

They’re like that on purpose to optimize FPS. Won’t be fixed till DX12 so stop complaining about it

I’ve tried to find any grain in this video they posted months ago.
don’t see it, clouds look more real in that trailer than it does for us now.
even edges of clouds look better in that video

In this video also, clouds, atmosphere even the scenery looks better.
and i’m running it at 4K Ultra preset, recently been using my 1440p monitor cuz of performance issues.

Just went up a bit above the clouds, ultra settings 1440P
It’s extremely grainy, not sure if you can see it from the screenshot. (forum downscales to 1080p)
also looks pixelated on the edges, and blurry at places it shouldn’t

Zoomed in:

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Same here with a RTX 2080 Super
not notice until latest patch.

A different issue, here’s the thread about it:


Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.


I’m noticing pretty severe pixelization in the towering clouds after the latest patch too ( My graphics card is a GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER with the latest 457.09 drivers and all FS2020 sliders set to Ultra.

I have tried modding the UserCfg.opt to remove all post processing as suggested, as well as forcing my Anti Aliasing - Transparency to 8x supersample in the nVida control panel but no luck. Stratus clouds and lower cumulus clouds don’t have any issues- it just seems to be the towering large volume types.

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Same here with a 1080 since the last couple of patches. Changes in graphics settings don’t make a difference. In the king air looking back from the cockpit with the sun on the rear passenger seats the light is just scattered shimmering squares. It’s the same textures as in the clouds. It might be a light reflection issue or something light that as opposed to pure cloud textures.

Same here - RX5700, volumetric clouds on high, played with settings, nothing changes…

Yes sir…That fixed it for me. I kept sharpen at 1, however.
Very nice work!

Weirdly I haven’t noticed it with clouds. I have seen it very visibly with water reflections, plane reflections, bright textures like taxiway markings, tree’s & shadows (most notably plane shadows).

Edit…I thought the sharpen made no difference, but the clouds seem much better with it at 0 as well.

This seems to have reduced the cloud pixelization for me too, so thanks for pointing it out! Turning sharpen off does seem to noticeably fuzzy things up though, particularly cockpit labels. I’m going to try adding ReShade and using one of its sharpen filters to see if that produces a happy medium.

The same thing happened with the 1050Ti

First time I played I noticed this and really am wishing its gets more attention. Some conditions appear worst then others but its still present in some way almost all the time.

I fired up yesterday and noticed, for the first time, the pixelated clouds. Realized I had been mucking about with video settings trying to get jungle to look right. Went into Nvidia and noticed I had left antialiasing set at x8 instead of application controlled. Corrected that and went back to simulator. Smooth clouds again.
Just a thought. Something to check.

That’s unrelated, the clouds are just built like that. there’s no way to make them less grainy or more grainy, sometimes you don’t get those grainy clouds in your sky and sometimes you get them. That’s not related to any graphical option inside/outside of the sim. Don’t try to fix them, they can only be optimized further by Asobo, That’s the way they’re getting those 3D clouds without so much of performance drop, the downside is the clouds being grainy.

"As the developer of the freeware volumetric cloud add-on for X-Plane, I really would like to mention a few things about the visual glitches people are mentioning:

Sadly, aircraft and other objects (including terrain) having pixelated / flickering edges issue will probably stay forever - it is an issue caused by lower-resolution rendering of the clouds. Basically, as our current GPUs are unable to render all pixels of clouds real-time, a compromise needs to be done.

It is possible to render less per frame and then use temporal reprojection to reposition rest of the pixels (which is what MSFS is doing). It is quite nice, but it also causes lots of noise / grain artifacts.

Another approach is to render clouds off-screen with a lower resolution - as clouds are inherently blurry, it is possible to get similar results while rendering a lot less pixels (which is what trueSKY is doing). However, this approach causes an issue with depth testing (hence the interaction with all objects) as the depth buffer is now also low-resolution. This creates pixel “gaps” and these gaps become visible once they are overlapped into the final high-resolution screen.

trueSKY tries to prevent this effect by using both high and low resolution depth testing passes with some edge detection magic (I might be slightly wrong, check out the trueSKY SDK for more details: - the “Mixed Resolution Rendering” part) but it is not 100% effective, so you still get these artifacts. My plugin has the exact same artifact, and iirc even xEnviro. In other words, this is a general issue with all volumetric cloud implementations and there’s not an effective fix yet.

Sadly, it’s the same with new rectangular pattern observable in higher altitudes. But I still believe further updates might be able to hide that effect a lot better than now. "

I found this statement on avsim forums, the guy explains how the clouds are rendered in MSFS and why they have so much grain in them.


Very interesting. Good information.
However, in my case, I was in flight, noticed the grainy clouds…

  1. paused (esc)
  2. opened Nvidia Control Panel
  3. switched off Nvidia antialiasing (or more accurately returned antialiasing control to the application)
  4. applied changes - exited Nvidia Control Panel
  5. resumed my flight

No pixelated clouds. Mere coincidence?

NVIDIA Control Panel settings won’t affect untill you restart the application. Maybe the weather got refreshed in that time and the clouds got restructed.

Take a look in your NVidia-Settings under 3d-Settings. I had there sharpening and grain comming from nowhere