Cloud textures pixelated and grainy

Hi any ideas to why the cloud textures are pixelated and grainy I have a i9 10900k with a Nvidia RTX2080TI graphics card running latest driver.

Enclosed are some pics.


got same problem since Beta… GTX 1060 6Gb

also got the same problem also have GTX 1060 6GB

Same here, GTX 970…

Same problem, 1660 Super

Somebody has commented on another thread that they reinstalled the sim and it worked but not sure if that sort it and seems like a lot of work and for it maybe not to work.

Same problem for me.

Same gtx970

So after flying today again I have noticed still the cloud textures is quite grainy and really noticeable but not only that finding scenery now becoming like that which is annoying. I am thinking maybe a reinstall however there are no other games that I am running have this issue.

same issue… like slowly everything starts to have shimmers/blurrines. Its like the gpu is dying in front of me xD. I will try reinstall (cross fingers)


I have a 1080.
This problem only started in the last couple of days for me.

I am wondering if they’re making changes / patching which has caused it.


Please let us know if the reinstall worked.

That is a possibility there is supposedly news of an update due on the 27th August so that may sort a few things.

i will try reinstall after the update.

Same problem here, 1080Ti FE

Same 1070. It’s not pretty to look at.

Today went over NY look how blocky and piixely the textures are. This is a i9 10900k with rtx2080ti on ultra. What is going on.

That’s odd, could it be something to do with your network connection?

No I am running through Ethernet and have a gigabit connection.

I’ve got the same Issue with RTX 2080 super since 2 or 3 days.