CN Tower is worse in World Update 11

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons?


Brief description of the issue:

Is anyone having this issue in CN Tower, it looks like it became slightly deformed with World Update 11?

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The picture below illustrates how the CN tower was represented in the past:

ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Options > Display position)

I think is safe to say that if you takeoff from CYTZ and turn to the main city (Toronto) you will observe this tower having this annoying issue.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

I saw this issue while I was flying the Discovery Flight “Toronto” and saw this.

PC specs:

My laptop is a Dell G5 SE
and its specs are:
Ryzen 7 4800H
16 GB of RAM at 3200 MT/S
Radeon Rx 5600M

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

The CN Tower looks horrible in the Xbox version as well… brutal!!!


I am having the same issue, it looks like the tower is melting. In fact a lot of the buildings downtown do as well. And the Gardiner Expressway surface texture looks like a broken ice field, except asphalt. I’ve disabled all add-ons, turned off and deleted the rolling cache, then re-enabled it, nothing seems to make it better.
I also checked out Vancouver and to be honest it didn’t look great either. I spawned at the Harbour Air airport downtown and the buildings in the immediate vicinity looked markedly worse that what is seen in the trailer.
Now all that said, the update did seem to download and install in the content manager very quickly. I wonder if for some reason not all of the data is coming down.


Odd, a departure from the city airport was my first post Canada update flight and everything was looking excellent, nothing like depicted above… maybe give it time as the system is probably being hammered.

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Same here. Did exactly as you did in clearing cache, etc., no luck. Looks like SU11 nuked all major Canadian cities. They looked great before this update. Server load perhaps?

Calgary looks the same downtown. Melting off the screen.

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It looks terrible because the servers are overloaded…

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Let me try it. Usually, World Updates for me don’t bring this kind of issue (only World Update UK had a similar issue). But I will wait, but I am not so sure it is a server problem.

I think I will do only night flights from now on. This is not the scenery update I was hoping for. The Toronto CN Tower and City Hall is a shame. Vancouver scenery, as well as other scenery just doesn’t make sense at all.

Not happy. I guess they took the “Great White North” expression literally…


I flew again and even changed my cache settings in MSFS, it didn’t change anything, and CN Tower, Gardiner express, and well… The Greater Toronto Area still looks horrible. I think I can even see the boundaries of the photogrammetry in Mississauga, Ontario, which is a first.

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I was so disappointed to see this too — the harbour looks decent where you spawn on discovery flight, but it goes steadily downhill from there. The CN Tower is such an icon and who wouldn’t want to fly around it? It should be sharp and shiny and instead it looks post-apocalyptic.


Very disappointing!
CN Tower is a mess.
Niagara Falls Canadian side blocks breaking up.
North of Toronto Barrie, Ontario scenery is at least 25 years old 10 high rise Apartments on the lake shore missing.
Banff Hotel good and Lake Lake Louise is good. I am not sure if I would call this a Canadian update.
They picked some places more like land marks that is all.


Are you kidding us? First flight with Canada update and this:

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I can also confirm that CN Tower is a mess! It looks like someone crashed a plane on it or something like that!
It’s even worse than the CN Tower that came originally with FS2020 and that one was also quite bad! (to the point that I use a custom made scenario by romandesign)

How can Microsoft/Asobo mess up with Canada’s most recognised man-made landmark worldwide??
And still continue to mess up this extremely important landmark?!

And as side note, I was expecting to see my old house from the time when I used to live in Toronto (located on Glen Park Av.) modeled (which is modeled in Google Earth, BTW) with World Update Canada but then again no.
I had high hopes for this World Update but so far, disappointment only…


Why would they release it in this shape?
Is no one checking? Looks like no quality control. Anything goes……


I have exactly same issues with the tower and other buildings in Toronto, very disappointing There is also still the terrain elevation issue for the Credit River north of Lake Ontario that has been there from day 1.


It’s just amazing that the CN Tower issue wasn’t caught before release. Really shows there’s nearly no QA before these things are shipped.


It’s surprising they didn’t add the CN Tower as a ‘monument’ considering what a landmark it is. Instead it is a melted needle.


So much for WU11. Installed, viewed then uninstalled.

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Yup, good idea! Scenery updates, unlike the sim updates, are optional.

Going that route right now.