Co-pilot automatically requests new ATC flightplan clearance inflight

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since SU5 - if the Co-pilot is activated to handle the ATC communications - everytime you change something in the flightplan via the onboard FMS (inflight), the Co-pilot instantly requests a new flightplan clearance (IFR) with ATC. This is a bit annoying, since the crz level changes every time and you laboriously have to re-request the original crz level.

Before SU5, the option to file a new flightplan was also shown in the ATC window, but the Co wouldn’t file a new flightplan automatically. This was much better.

Could you pls switch back to pre SU5 status in that regard?

I would even go so far: switch ATC to pre WU3.
Everything was halfway good there. ATC spoke English even though the program language was German. ATC gave correct heights over the entire flight. Since (mostly) the runway direction was ok and more.

If you change your FP, when under IFR it is quite logcal to request an amended clearance with ATC.

As far as the altitude is concerned, it sounds like your FP is set to an altitude, different to what you want to fly –

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Thanks. But that’s not the problem.

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Then tell your Co-Pilot to shut up, and let you fly you plane and talk to ATC yourself.

If you see it as a problem, then file a ZenDesk Bug report.
There is nothing any of us in the community can do to fix it for you.

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Question - is this in all aircraft or either the WT CJ4 or Salty 747? Ive had the same (annoying) experience, but thought it might be related to the feature in those mods that links a flight plan imported directly from simbrief back to the ATC - ie so you get in-game IFR ATC even if you didn’t create a route in the world map.

No one is under any obligation to use the AI copilot at any time for any thing. If it isn’t working for you, turn it off. For me, it is a nice-to-have feature, not a have-to-have. If this feature disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn’t miss it.

But the default ATC never tells us to go direct when we already have a fully established flight plan.

This is why when I use the default flight planning in the world map. I always set a departure gate, then arrival gate. Then I choose the arrival gate from the drop down menu (this will assign me the approach to the active runway) Then switch to IFR, select the SIDs that departs from the active runway, select the STARs that will line up to the active runway.

Then I would have a fully established Gate-to-Gate flight plan with assigned altitude, and assigned SIDs, STARs, and Approach. Once I start fliying there’s no need to change the flight plan. Everything is established, and the ATC will follow the flight plan to the letter. No change, no clearance request, no weird altitude assignment. Been doing this method and it’s been a bliss to fly.


I try to keep it at least a bit more realistic by not choosing any arrival/approach in the world map and let ATC give me an approach when nearing the destination. This is a change in FMS and right now the Co is going to file a new flightplan after that. Which results in a bit of chaos (during approach).

On a side note: you didn’t fly the experimental A32NX so far, did you? It doesn’t work pretty good with world map planning, you have to change/correct the flightplan in the MCDU before takeoff everytime. Which results in a new clearance from ATC by the Co, right after takeoff (with a crz alt of 12000feet or something like that).

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Direct, are you sure?
“You are cleared” doesnt mean direct :wink:

What about CJ4 with WT mod or default Cessna 172 G1000 without mods?
Have you tried?

I did try the experimental version a few weeks ago, but there’s a few things that made me go back to the dev version. Not because the new flight planning tool isn’t good that is, but it’s the other thing that I’m sure you’re still working on, like the inoperable WX and TERR radar, which is very important to me when flying to Paro airport.

But yes, one of the main reason that the new flight planning system doesn’t work with the default flight planner is also another reason why I went back. As good as Simbrief is, it’s still can’t make a Gate-to-Gate flight plan. I can live without it if the default ATC can assign me a proper gate, but more often than not, they always give me a parking spot in the corner of the airport somewhere away from civilisation.

When I do my flights, I do them with the airline livery that fits the route, as well as starting and ending on the proper gate/terminal. If I’m flying international flights, then I need to be sure to start on an international terminal at the departure and if the airport has it, the terminal that’s specific to the airline. Then at the destination, I have to be sure that I’m parked in the international terminal as well / a matching airline terminal. The ATC don’t have this capability to determine the right gate to assign based on the flight, that’s why the only way for me to make it work for my case is to make a gate-to-gate flight plan. And I can’t do it with SimBrief. I can only do it with the default world map flight plan.

It’s not a criticism of the experimental version of course, I’m sure it’s heading to the right track and I’m sure a lot of people really appreciate the progress, myself included. But until there’s a way so that I can make a full flight from a correct departure gate to the correct arrival gate that’s outside of the default flight planning tool but still using the default ATC, I’d have to stick to what we have by default, and I have to keep using the dev version. Plus the TERR and WX radar is important to me as well.

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Yeah, TERR, WX and TCAS are a problem. With the new flightplanmanager in exp, we also re-did/customize the whole ND. We can’t use default MSFS WX and terrain anymore (TCAS should work some time in the future) . And in the current SDK, there’s no way to get this information out of MSFS. We will have to wait for Asobo to make this data accessible, I guess. A request, regarding this issue, is already filed.


The AI copilot has requested “destination change” immediately after takeoff on a couple of flights. The copilot has even decided to change destination to a previous flightplan. On none of the occasions have I changed anything.
FBW A320, Asobo 747 and Aerosoft CRJ 700 and 550.


(post deleted by author)

Topic author raised the legit issue but fanboys went offensive and I’m not really surprised

The game has this thing with the ATC. It pops an option to re-request IFR clearance/flight plan when you even load the approach based on ATC instructions (and the request is worded as if you changed the destination which is completely wrong). You’re not supposed to request approval from ATC for a flight path that has just been given to you by the ATC! That’s the point.

But it’s probably coming from the game’s inability to check the scope of flight plan change, so it gives an option to request re-approval for any change.

Topic author says the co-pilot started requesting re-approval automatically. I agree with him that it shouldn’t happen.

Anyways, I’m mostly VFR pilot so whatever…


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I disagree with the second point, with copilot AI assist on, they should be able to make request automatically if the choice presents itself. Just like I’m still waiting for my Copilot Assist to automatically request taxi to the gate as soon as we are handed over to Ground ATC. So when it comes to the flight plan clearance, it is doing what it’s suppose to. Prior to SU5, the ATC wasn’t able to do so, but the option to get another clearance has always been there in the ATC window, and it’s been like that since launch.

The problem isn’t the ATC auto-requesting the new clearance. It’s actually coming from your first point in your post. The default flight planner treats “any” change to the flight plan to require a completely new clearance. No matter how small or how big the change, any changes made is treated as a completely new flight plan to be cleared. This is the problem that needs fixing. And this problem has been in need of a fix since launch day.

Basically, only a change in destination should require a new clearance. If you’re only adding/removing waypoints, changing SIDs and STARs, or even changing runway approaches but still belongs to the same departure/destination pair, it should not be treated as a new flight plan. It should only trigger when the destination is changed, and when that happens Copilot ATC assist should immediately request a new clearance.

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It’s interesting how different the views are. I like the AI assist system to assist, but not to take over. For me it’s ok that the Co still gives you some room for your own decisions. Like: you have to request taxi and gate after landing. I’m ok with the option to request a new fp clearance, if you change the flightplan in your FMS (inflight this is the only way possible). But it should stay an option, the PIC (you) should decide what to do.

Not sure if I understand your question?
I also have a question as to importing SimBrief flight plans CJ4?

No problem getting the Simbrief flight plan into the CJ4 FMC. but now the ATC knows nothing about this flight plan?
If I import it to Microsoft simulator the ATC works OK.
So do I have to import the flight plan into both MSF and CJ4 in order for both to work?
Or am I missing something?