Cockpit camera strange behaviour SU5

This is weird - after SU5 and the hotfix, the cockpit camera when moving using any controller (mouse, joystick) and in Track IR seems to pause when panning around the middle of the scree (eye level) almost as if it has a focus lock at that level. I cant stop it from doing this and its really breaking the emersion. Hope this and all the other issues get fixed soon.

Update - After testing its not the camera or the mouse…It appears that every time the camera approaches the horizon there is a significant micro stutter as the scenery reloads… This happens at all graphics settings. Unfortunately until this is fixed I will have to give MSFS a break. Hope they fix this in Hot Fix 2

This is happening to me as well. If I pan up or down and then back to the horizon I get a nasty stutter. Very annoying when running checklist items.

I also get stutter after panning left or right, although the severity of this varies depending on where I’m flying.

All of these stutters come with an associated spike in CPU power usage (50W up to 95W) and temperature (50-55C up to 65-70C).

This didn’t happen before SU5…for the most part. I can only assume, as you say, it’s the scenery reloading after aggressive culling. It’s a shame because the sim is otherwise very smooth if I don’t move the camera.

i7 10700k (stock)
RTX 3080 (stock)
32GB RAM (3600MHz XMP)

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