Cockpit camera zoom axis


Would it be hard to implement an axis control for the (cockpit) camera zoom? It’s a feature I like very much on other sims (X-Plane 11, DCS, Il-2 Great Battles…) and it’s so helpful for those, like me, who don’t use any tracking device but has some turn knobs on their throttles!

Thanks for your attention and hard work!



110% agree this would be a very necessary feature to have!


I dont really know what you mean with that?

He means instead of having a fixed zoom button, have an axis (a wheel, a knob) that moves the zoom back and forth. For example on DCS I set one of my X-55 rotaries to zoom, it has a “center” notch so I can zoom out and in, with a center setting.


Exactly what I mean mate! And I guess it could be useful for trackIr users too. While trackIr actually moves your eyepoint inside the cockpit, the zoom axis would still be useful to - that’s it - zoom on some details of the scenery or instruments!


Yes I agree. Every other flight sim has this. Very useful.


Gonna tag on to this and say I agree, it really needs a zoom axis feature. The default zoom in/out buttons just zoom in way too far


I would love to be able to map my WH throttle gray slider to zoom as I do with the XP and DCS.


Middle Mouse button works for zoom, not sure if you can map it to a hotas button though.

I’m also looking for this. I use the throttle on my MS Sidewinder FFB2 as a zoom axis in every other sim together with TrackIR and it works brilliantly.
(I have a separate throttle quadrant to use for my actual throttle meanwhile.)


Yes! I want this as well. I hate taking my hands off the controls when inside of the cockpit.


I second that, +/- is a pain


yes, very much this.

I would love to use the rotary knob on my thrustmaster throttle as a zoom axis, but it just swaps between 0 and 100% zoom binary.
Would help a LOT.

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I remapped my keybindings so msfs cockpit camera behaves similarly to the one on X-Plane 11; numeric keypad controls preset views, and I also remapped to make ctrl+[numpad key] save the camera positions. Mouse scroll wheel zooms in&out; isn’t this zoom you guys are looking for?

nope, we want a zoom axis for a knob on our throttle controls or joysticks. There’s no zoom axis to assign, only a zoom in / zoom out binary option.

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so they way i got around this is i used voice attack(you could use any macro program) and i bound an up and down switch on my throttle to do mouse scroll in step’s so i hit the up or down part of the switch and it basically scroll the mouse wheel 2 click’s either way, not ideal but it works., till they add this axis anyways, SORRY IBanez5mm, just trying to help this community out with a solution in the main time

Fix it FS dev team! pleaaase

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Mate, thank you for sharing that. But the point here is not how to get around it (I’m sure there are ways, a lot probably). We’re asking devs to add this axis, if possible, in order to avoid such “workarounds”! All main sims have this, so… Why don’t give it a try and ask? :slight_smile:


I agree. This feature is very useful when using Track IR in DCS. If I look at something and I want to zoom in on it. I can do that with my HOTAS without moving my hands.

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any update on this its really quite a let down.